Using Device Data and Nurse Triage to Improve Value Based Care

As our CEO mentioned in her introduction, new technologies are transforming how clinicians deliver health care. At the same time, digital solutions alone are not enough to help patients. Incorporating some human component increases patient compliance and education, thus further reducing health care costs. At TriageLogic®, we are adopting our software and increasing the role of triage nurses to complement traditional care settings. 

For example, digital diabetes prevention and treatment platforms connect users with support communities and health coaches who can remotely monitor chronic conditions such as weight, blood sugar, diet, and medicine intake. Thresholds and alerts can be set up to alert health care providers about abnormal and potentially abnormal or dangerous values.

While the devices can collect and transmit data and even have a certain threshold, a medical professional still needs to interpret the data and then direct patients about the next steps based on the data and in the context of their symptoms and current health status. As a company, we are also working on custom protocols to help interpret the data and determine when an intervention is needed.

Telephone triage nurses also play a vital role in interpreting the data and providing appropriate follow up for patients who use these technologies. They act as the first line of screening when an alert or abnormal value is reported. They have the training to talk to patients, assess their symptoms, and determine what are the next best steps based on combining the data with the full patient assessment over the phone.

In order to assess patients and direct them appropriately, the nurses need triage protocols. TriageLogic includes the gold standard protocols from Schmitt-Thompson to assess symptoms. We also have invested our expertise and knowledge to create one of the most robust protocol builders. This technology enables an organization to modify existing protocols to meet their needs and create new protocols when required. 

By using our new custom developed protocols, triage nurses are able to assess a patient using the data received from devices with appropriate next steps for medical care. As a result, triage nurses play a significant role in this new digital era which is being driven by value based care. By combining the data from devices and other sources with innovative triage technology, triage nurses can act as the bridge between patients and the providers; this creates a viable monitoring solution that provides cost effective care.

In conjunction with the custom protocols, the TriageLogic platform also allows organizations to put in custom workflows. Once a nurse has determined on the appropriate level of care, they can now further direct the patient to specific care locations, referral numbers or provide handouts via text or email. This allows the triage nurse to serve as an effective first point of contact and get the patients to the appropriate next steps on the first call. 

TriageLogic also provides an optional mobile app that enables patients to take advantage of increased self-service, access to customized resources, and insight into their own information. 

In sum, technology is changing the access, monitoring and delivery of health care. Value based solutions are now possible. Our goal at TriageLogic is to continue developing both our software and our services to better serve your patients and allow you to optimize your patient care and decrease healthcare expenses. Thank you for choosing TriageLogic to work with you. 

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