Concept for healthy triage nurses during the holidays: a stethoscope is packed into a Santa hat already filled with presents, an ornament, a red berry, and a pine tree branch.

Holiday Tips for Healthy Triage Nurses

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holidays can be difficult for healthcare workers, and triage nurses are no exception. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of tips they can follow to make sure they stay as safe as the patient callers they assist. Here’s how you can support healthy triage nurses.

Embrace Mindful Eating

Holiday festivities often bring a wide range of indulgent treats that are difficult to resist! To foster a better sense of well-being, it’s important for nurses to actively incorporate colorful fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins in their diet. These support higher energy levels that will keep them balanced during demanding shifts with difficult callers

If these diet choices are hard to implement, another option is to keep a supply of nutritious snacks on hand that nurses can use to maintain their stamina and focus.

Stay Hydrated for Optimal Blood Pressure

Maintaining optimal blood pressure is essential for overall health. Because triage nurses are often sedentary at their workstations, they must remember to drink plenty of water to better regulate their blood pressure. 

Their best option is to keep reusable water bottles on hand, especially during busy shifts. This allows them to stay hydrated and alert for addressing patient symptoms and directing them to the appropriate care. 

Prioritize Sleep and Restfulness

We already touched on food’s effects on focus and alertness, but getting sufficient rest is also important. Healthy triage nurses make sure to establish pre-sleep routines that promote relaxation and signal to their bodies that it’s time to wind down. Adequate sleep supports physical and mental health, and enhances nurses’ abilities to manage accurate medical dispositions over the phone. 

Incorporate Physical Activity

Heavy holiday schedules can make it difficult for triage nurses to find time for physical activity. Nevertheless, encourage them to take ten-minute breaks throughout their shifts to perform brief exercises that can raise energy levels, reduce stress, keep muscles loose, and improve blood flow. Healthy triage nurses engage in activities that they enjoy, like stretching or short walks, in order to get these desired results. 

Caffeine and sugar may seem like quick and easy alternatives for getting an energy boost, but the payoffs are few to none when compared to physical fitness.

Practice Stress-Reducing Techniques

Stress is unavoidable in any healthcare role. Healthy triage nurses are those who have learned to manage this reality. They take moments during their shifts to practice deep-breathing exercises, or engage in brief meditation sessions. Establishing a quiet space for short breaks allows them to center themselves, supporting mental well-being and focus that they can then use when they’re evaluating patient symptoms.

Addressing Mental Health Needs

Beyond nutrition and rest, NurseJournal discusses other areas of mental health that can benefit triage nurses. For instance, nurses should try not to overextend themselves when it comes to holiday obligations and heavy, full-time schedules. They should request time off for their own emotional well-being, as well as visit with friends, family, and pets who bring them joy through social connections. Finally, they should focus on the areas of work that they can control in order to support themselves — like not feeling pressured to work overtime when it isn’t a requirement.

We Support Healthy Triage Nurses

Nurturing well-being during the holidays is a priority for healthy triage nurses, given the unique challenges they face with patient callers. The best ways they can do this are by embracing mindful eating, staying hydrated to support optimal blood pressure, prioritizing quality sleep, incorporating physical activity, practicing stress-reducing techniques, and finding balance for their mental health. We want the same wellness for your triage nurses as we do for ours, so that they’re well-equipped for assessing patients and determining the best dispositions for care.  

Are you interested in more tips and tools that can benefit your triage team? Or perhaps you’d like to learn about outsourcing this service to a call center of registered nurses? Either way, we welcome a conversation! Contact us today to talk about your own customized nurse program.

Last, but certainly not least, we wish you and your team a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

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