The TriageLogic Learning Center: Free Educational Material for Telephone Nurses and Medical Professionals

The TriageLogic Learning Center provides free educational material for telephone nurses and medical professionals. The courses provide a thorough understanding of nurse triage, triage protocols, and patient care. Throughout the Learning Center you will find a variety of learning material including videos, industry-related articles, print-ready handouts, research, and links to additional external resources.

The TriageLogic Learning Center provides a balance of relatable insights and real-world advice, which are beneficial for nurses and other medical professionals. These resources address the criteria and skills needed to be an effective telephone triage nurse. While successful triage nurses require practical nursing experience, they also need to know how to listen effectively, handle difficult situations, assess symptoms, and apply the proper protocol—all in a timely manner. Pre-tests and post-tests are included in the videos, allowing the viewer to test their knowledge.

We are going to be introducing a new course within the next month, “Course 5: How to Properly Use Schmitt-Thompson Protocols.” The pre course to this new course is “Course 2: What Are Schmitt Thompson Protocols and How to Use Them?

The Learning Center is available to everyone as an educational resource and practical training guide. Along with course videos and coursework, including class notes, related articles, and learning materials, you will receive a TriageLogic Telephone Nurse Triage Certification for each completed course. Managers can also set-up teams and check on individual nurse progress in the course. Click here to get started today.


“The TriageLogic Learning Center is a great resource for anyone involved with patient phone calls. As a physician, I know the challenges of telephone triage. Even experienced nurses can benefit from our educational material.”

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