Using a Custom Practice Mobile App to Engage and Improve Patient Health

Demands for enterprise mobility and flexibility are a new reality in today’s society. Physicians and hospitals need to evaluate how they can leverage technology to meet the needs of patient interaction. Here, we discuss how providing patients with a custom practice mobile app will improve engagement and improve patient health.

Patient App

Studies suggest that healthcare is more efficient and effective when patients are actively engaged in their care. Providers can encourage meaningful engagement with a customized mobile app for patients. Apps can be used to deliver alerts or reminders about medication, appointments, and other tasks.

A standard app off the shelf is not likely to engage your patients because it does not solve problems specific to them. Develop or customize a practice-specific application that is unique to your organization’s health goals.

For example, make sure that the app includes critical information that is relevant to patients. In a recent survey, 58 percent of respondents indicated that access to critical information was their first priority in deciding to adopt an app. Focus on the features patients will need in a mobile environment. Have an app that encompasses access to the office, a patient portal, lab results, health data, and other preventive health resources, such as access to triage nurses after office hours.

Important benefits of custom apps include:

  • Easy access to your office from a mobile application or website
  • Improve patient access to your practice and nurses
  • Cut costs by reducing staff time managing calls
  • Ability to customize the app experience for your practice
  • Telemedicine technology within the app to treat patients
  • Treat patients using our telemedicine technology
  • Patient access to your practice portal on the app
  • Improve patient experience and satisfaction

Building your own patient app can be time-consuming and costly. With the new My 24/7 Healthcare app, TriageLogic can provide a robust platform for your organization’s dynamic patient resources within days. Contact us today to find out how our technology can help support your practice’s mobility strategy and promote patient health, wellness, and access to care.