You are currently viewing TriageLogic’s Learning Center for Triage Nurses has a New Home

TriageLogic’s Learning Center for Triage Nurses has a New Home

TriageLogic’s Learning Center has become a vital tool for many triage nurses. This free resource provides educational material for telephone nurses and features a variety of learning material including videos, articles, research, and links to external sources. The courses provide a thorough understanding of nurse triage, triage protocols, and patient care.

These resources address the criteria and skills needed to be an effective telephone triage nurse. While successful triage nurses require practical nursing experience, they will also need to know how to listen effectively, handle difficult situations, assess symptoms, and apply the proper protocol—all in a timely manner. Pre-tests and post-tests are included in the videos, allowing the viewer to test their knowledge.

We recently made several improvement and upgrades to the TriageLogic website. One of the most significant was moving the Learning Center to a new domain. We appreciate everyone’s patience during the move and rebuild.

You can now find all of the educational courses on telephone nurse triage at its new dedicated website We separated the Learning Center from the main website in order to improve your experience. Both sites now load faster and are easier to navigate.

The Medical Director and COO of TriageLogic Dr. Ravi Raheja said “The TriageLogic Learning Center is a great resource for anyone involved with patient phone calls. As a physician, I know the challenges of telephone triage. Even experienced nurses can benefit from our educational material.”

Because the new Learning Center has moved, all previous members will need to register again on the new site and go through each lesson. This is a great opportunity to review the lessons on creating a positive call experience for your patients, protocol training, and case studies in telephone nurse triage. This review will prepare you, or your triage nurses, for the next lesson in Course 4: Risks of Telephone Triage, set to come out in late July.

The TriageLogic Learning Center provides a balance of relatable insight and real-world advice, beneficial for nurses and medical professionals. Click here to get started on your triage training.

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