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TriageLogic Presents at Healthcare Call Center Times Annual Conference

TriageLogic Presents at Healthcare Call Center Times Annual Conference 

TriageLogic presented material on hiring and managing remote call center employees to some of the largest hospitals around the country at the 29th Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers. Medical Director Ravi Raheja, MD and Clinical Nurse Manager Marci Lawing, RN BSN each presented their views and experience on what works and tips for call center managers.

The TriageLogic team discussed tips on hiring, training, and managing employees for a remote triage call center. Ravi and Marci presented alongside Mitch Lieber, President of the contact center consulting firm Lieber and Associates, and Cyndy Orrys, Contact Center Director at Henry Ford Health System.

Marci Lawing said, “Our workshop was a success and the crowd asked lots of questions.” She continued speaking about the conference and said, “It was fun seeing what technology is available and networking with people that are just as passionate about telemedicine as we are.”

Marci’s portion of the workshop highlighted the importance of being thorough and up front in the interview process with the qualifications and demands required of a triage nurse working remotely for a call center. She also discusses the importance of establishing a support system for employees. Using tools like Spark or Skype can help the virtual team develop a sense of community. Managers should also implement a recognition program to promote productivity and aid in the retention of employees.  Other support tools include company newsletters, to keep everyone “in the loop,” and virtual get-togethers that help put a face with a voice or name.

Dr. Raheja’s portion of the workshop discussed the tools and technology used to evaluate and motivate remote agents. A key tool that TriageLogic uses when hiring our triage nurses is a behavioral assessment. This gives the manager insight into what this employee will excel at and how to help motivate them. He also discussed the importance of comparing the costs of in-house versus remote call centers. Some things to consider include:

Estimating In-House Cost

  • Must include fixed costs such as electricity, rent, etc
  • Cost of extra nurses waiting
  • Pay differential

Estimating Remote Cost

  • Cost of training remotely
  • Technology costs
  • Ensuring compliance

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