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Why Patients Love TriageLogic’s After-Hours Telephone Triage Service – A Case Study

Why Patients Love TriageLogic’s After-Hours Telephone Triage Service

Hospitals and physicians trust TriageLogic to be there for their patients’ health concerns. TriageLogic’s telephone nurse triage service Nurse Triage On Call includes trained nurses that are available after-hours to discuss symptoms and solutions. We like to highlight stories when TriageLogic nurses take the initiative to help their patient beyond the standard protocols.

CASE STUDY: Meet the Caller and the Nurse

On a Wednesday evening, Joel* called his after-hours nurse line and reached TriageLogic nurse Beth. Joel is 39 years old and has Type 1 diabetes. He was calling because his insulin pump was going to run out of insulin at 10 pm. He told Beth that he no longer wanted to use the insulin pump and wished to return to using vials and syringes.

Beth was able to reach Joel’s on-call physician and obtain a new prescription. However, Joel confided that his insurance would not cover one of the prescribed insulins. Luckily, our nurses do not stop until they find a solution for their patient. Beth connected with Joel’s doctor again to find an alternative medication that would be covered.

Joel called Beth again and at this point, he began to panic. The pharmacy stated that the medication that his doctor prescribed was not in stock. Joel also disclosed on his third call that he was blind and would not be able to pick up his insulin that night.

By using her years of experience as a nurse, Beth was able to ease his anxiety in order to find a solution. She called the pharmacy and explained Joel’s situation. The pharmacy was able to track down his medication and arranged to have it delivered to him that night so that he would not go without it.

This is just one example of how your patients are cared for when you provide them with TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage On Call. Our nurses are trained to be kind and objective. Our platform is HIPAA compliant, so patients can feel that their information is safe. 

Contact TriageLogic today if you are looking for a compassionate after-hours telephone nurse triage service.

*Names and identifying information has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

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