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Are Your Nurses Asking the Right Triage Questions Over the Phone?

Most triage nurses assist patient callers by using protocols, a list of yes/no triage questions that help them gauge symptom severity. But do your nurses struggle to use these protocols in a way that feels natural instead of robotic? TriageLogic offers an interactive, self-guiding module that can cut training in half for new nurses, as well as tools they can use to continue to spot-check their work in real time for patient symptom accuracy.

The Challenge

After thorough, one-on-one role-playing exercises, even the most enthusiastic triage nurses may feel unprepared for the nuances and unpredictability of live patient calls. This can lead to a steep learning curve for them, even if they have access to the most up-to-date triage protocols. 

Along with asking accurate triage questions, nurses also need to sound human. Empathy plays a key role in effective nursing. It helps them gain the trust of their patients and encourage those patients to share all pertinent symptom information so that they can select the correct dispositions for care. Otherwise, if symptoms are overlooked, care may be delayed and lead to negative health outcomes.

The Solutions

Both artificial and augmented intelligence have allowed TriageLogic to develop two key solutions: 1) immersive, simulated triage training that can help nurses internalize these important triage questions; and 2) a software tool for real-time symptom review to make sure the correct questions are asked.

AI Simulation

Through AI simulation, nurses are given customizable, realistic patient scenarios where they can practice, make mistakes, and learn in a safe, controlled environment. 

Each scenario includes demographic details about its patient for a nurse to review, including their date of birth, where they’re from, their primary health complaint, and whether another practice referred them. A nurse is able to speak directly to the AI patient, which will listen to them and respond appropriately. In instances where the AI patient may not be able to understand the nurse, or the nurse has started to deviate from the appropriate call procedures, it will respond by asking the nurse to repeat what they said or ask a different question. 

Scenarios get progressively more difficult, and come with customizable options to increase their complexity — loud background noise, patient accents that may be difficult to understand, and heightened patient emotional states among them.

This training module is also self-guiding, meaning nurse managers no longer have to provide direct instructions and can simply review generated reports at the end of each scenario to understand where improvements may be needed.

This solution has been shown to cut traditional nurse triage training times in half.

History Assist 

TriageLogic’s History Assist is an innovative tool that further enhances the telephone triage process by guiding nurses through a series of pertinent questions that are tailored to each patient’s reported symptoms. 

History Assist not only improves the ability of your nurses to provide care, but also significantly reduces the need for extensive typing by streamlining nurse documentation within triage software. This allows them to create coherent narratives that are easier for your doctors to understand and use for expedited diagnosis and care.

Similar to AI triage training, History Assist is also self-teaching, making it accessible to anyone at your office and easier for new staff to be trained on.

Why These Solutions Matter

As nurses become more fluent in navigating the right triage questions and protocols, their confidence grows. They no longer sound robotic or unsure in their roles. Instead, they communicate with empathy and precision, making every patient feel heard and cared for. 

This shift not only enhances your practice’s quality of care, but also cements your nurses as trusted advisors.

Ensure the Right Triage Questions on Every Call

By embracing AI simulation training and integrating live calls with TriageLogic’s History Assist, healthcare providers like yours can address the immediate need for effective telephone triage, accurate triage questions, streamlined documentation, and positive health outcomes. 

Contact us today to learn more about applying these solutions to your practice.

About TriageLogic

TriageLogic is a URAC-accredited, physician-led provider of top-quality nurse telehealth technology, remote patient monitoring, and medical call center solutions. Founded in 2007, the TriageLogic Group now serves more than 22,000 physicians and covers over 42 million lives nationwide.

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