Mother holding sick baby on the phone with a triage nurse

Ensuring Patient Safety During 911 Calls: A New Learning Center Lesson

The newest Learning Center video, Ensuring Patient Safety During 911 Calls, shares details on the first item to keep in mind during the triage process – What is the Most Critical Issue? – and discusses presenting symptoms and associated organ systems to consider.

Whether providing nurse triage in a call service environment, working in a hospital setting or partnering with a physician in private practice, it’s imperative that patient safety comes first. “Patient symptoms may be caused by a common issue that’s easily treatable,” says Dr. Ravi Raheja, M.D., “but the same symptoms may also be signs of a life-threatening condition.”

Here are three things to keep in mind when triaging patients:

  • What is the most critical issue associated with those symptoms?
  • What is the most common issue associated with those symptoms?
  • What is the most treatable issue associated with those symptoms?

“Although certainly not all encompassing, these questions can serve as a starting point to help you reach your goal,” says Rehaja. “The goal being to provide your patient with the most helpful information for a better outcome.”

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