New eBook on Engaging and Communicating with Employees

New eBook on Engaging and Communicating with Employees

A New eBook from TriageLogic’s partner company Continuwell on how to help empower, communicate, and engage your employees with access to company resources

Employee engagement and communication is key to any organization but is crucial in the medical field. In a study of 200 hospitals by Gallup, they found that the engagement level of nurses was the number one predictor of mortality variation across hospitals, as well as a variable for preventing complications. Improving staff engagement will improve healthcare quality in your practice or hospital. This eBook from Continuwell examines in detail why employee engagement matters to employers and outlines steps employers can take to increase engagement, reduce turnover, and improve communication.

There are three types of employees: engaged, not-engaged, and actively disengaged. Engaged employees have a passion for their company and are driven by personal and organizational success. Not-engaged employees are those who seem to be just getting by and put no passion or energy into their work. Actively disengaged employees can bring the whole organization down with their negativity and unhappiness.

Engagement is, in short, the connection employees feel to their employers. This connection is built and strengthened (or weakened) in various ways. Engagement can be affected by company policies, practices, the workplace environment and company culture, or even the everyday actions of managers and executives. All business functions should be aligned to communicate the level of value the company places on its employees. Engagement levels plummet when employees feel undervalued, mistreated, or dissatisfied at work. Increasing active engagement vastly improves employee loyalty and morale, and reduces turnover.

Engagement can be improved in various ways. The Continuwell platform enhances employee engagement by allowing for flexibility and mobility, providing efficient communication methods, and offering valuable tools and features that allow employees to easily access the company resources that matter for their work. Check out Continuwell’s eBook for tips on how to improve employee engagement and communication.

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