Dr. Ravi Raheja, Medical Director of TriageLogic, Leads the Conversation in Remote Patient Monitoring

TriageLogic is leading the conversation on remote patient monitoring (RPM) as the healthcare industry pivots from expensive, in-office visits to efficient, device oriented care. Arch Healthcare, a company which helps organizations develop strategic and actionable provider network development plans, has published an article written by medical director Ravi Raheja, MD on the benefits of implementing RPM for healthcare networks and insurance companies alike.


In the article, Dr. Raheja talks about what kinds of patients most benefit from RPM, how RPM helps manage chronic care costs, the benefits are to providers, and how the healthcare industry as a whole is motivated to invest in and utilize this new technology.


In the wake of COVID-19, remote solutions such as RPM have shown to be valuable not only to patients but also to insurance agencies, providers, and healthcare organizations. In this article, Dr. Raheja uses facts and research to illustrate how RPM is the way of the future. He addresses questions such as how will RPM be the standard of care in the future? What is needed to implement such a system? What are the initial costs to consider and Is RPM worth the investment?


With six in ten Americans living with a chronic condition and four in ten living with two or more chronic conditions, it’s vital that the healthcare industry continue to innovate and find ways to alleviate skyrocketing costs all while maintaining or improving patient care.


Check out the full article here.

Five Steps in Remote Patient Monitoring

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