You are currently viewing Making a Difference at Work – How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Recruiting and Retaining Employees

Making a Difference at Work – How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Recruiting and Retaining Employees

  Making a Difference at Work- How Corporate Social Responsibility Affects Recruiting and Retaining Employees

A guest blog from Continuwell partner Community Health Charities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a key factor in recruiting and retaining employees for many companies. Today’s workforce is cause-focused; 83% of millennials and 70% of all U.S. employees are more likely to be loyal to companies that help them contribute to social and environmental issues.  Plus, Community Health Charities’ proprietary research shows 75% of consumers surveyed prefer to give to local charities, making a difference right where they live and work.

Studies show that when an organization demonstrates CSR they are able to improve their employer brand and their bottom line. This is the result of employees being more engaged in their company and wanting to work harder. Typically, a company and its employees can participate in a CSR program by volunteering or fundraising.

For example, this fall TriageLogic and Continuwell raised hundreds of dollars from employees to help support those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. There was a close personal tie to this cause for employees. One TriageLogic nurse and her family were tragically affected by the storm in Texas and over a quarter of the homes in the Continuwell marketing coordinator’s home town in the keys were destroyed. Having a campaign like this helped these employees feel like their company cared.

Studies also reveal that 75% of employees think that it is important for their company to share its goals, progress, and achievements with them. Sharing information with employees about upcoming volunteer opportunities, donation campaigns, and benchmarks hit can be easily done with an enterprise app for your company, such as Continuwell. An enterprise app allows managers to send custom push notifications directly to employees to encourage participation.

 Interested in improving or starting a CSR program for your company?

Community Health Charities has been making the world a better place for over 60 years, connecting more than 17 million caring employees with over 2,000 of the most trusted health charities across the United States.  They provide your employees with a variety of ways to support the causes they care about most:

 Causes: Choose from one of our current cause campaigns, focused on the most pressing health issues today like women’s health, veterans and their families, and children’s well-being. We can also help you create your own customized cause campaign focused on the issues or demographics that matter most to you or your employees.

 Employee Engagement: We offer volunteer opportunities, workplace giving campaigns, and donor-advised funds to increase your employees’ commitment to the community and your organization.

 Health Resources: Health and wellness is a national priority; 77% of U.S. workers suffer from at least one long-term health condition, from cancer to diabetes. We offer expert advice, webinars, newsletters, and content resources—drawing from our robust charity network.

 No matter the health cause you and your employees care about—ranging from homeless youth to cancer research—Community Health Charities has the resources and connections to help your team make a difference and get engaged.


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