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Letter from the Medical Director

 Letter from the Medical Director

 TriageLogic was one of the first companies to provide computerized triage protocols for office nurses to handle their daytime patient phone calls. We are excited to announce that we are releasing a brand new version of MyTriageChecklist with exciting features. As our way of saying thank you, all existing customers will be able to upgrade to this robust platform at no additional cost. We will send out information to existing users soon. So keep a look out for some exciting upgrades!!

If you use our other services, you recognize the importance of triage protocols to handle and document patient phone calls. With this new feature-rich platform, it may be a good time to revisit how you handle triage calls in your office settings.


Triage Checklist

The upgraded MyTriageChecklist will still include the features that our providers love:

  • Protocols from Schmitt-Thompson (updated regularly)
  • Web based system with backup servers (no down time)
  • Fast implementation time (up and running in 30 minutes)
  • Live nurse manager training included (we share 20 years of triage experience with you)

In addition to all the existing features, we have added the following functionality based on customer feedback:

  • Familiar workflow – beautiful new screen designs
  • The fastest and most efficient interface in the industry
  • Practice preference sheets (customize care)
  • Medication dosage charts (click to add to your triage note)
  • Email/text handouts (Schmitt-Thompson as well as your own custom handouts)
  • Email/text encounter specific care advice
  • Over-ride disposition documentation
  • Reporting
  • Enhanced smart copy and paste to EMR
  • New administration panel  (self-manage users for larger organizations)
  • Integrates with other CRM systems (such as Salesforce)

We are also working on additional upgrades to our other products, including a new data report feature for our Call Center Software and a customizable mobile app platform for providers and patients. We understand that this industry is always evolving, so our team is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide you with the best software and services in the industry.  We appreciate your loyalty to TriageLogic and always appreciate your feedback so we can stay in touch with your needs.