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Keeping Your Staff Healthy

 Keeping Your Staff Healthy

You work hard at ensuring your patients have all of the tools that they need to stay healthy. What about your staff? When it comes to employee healthcare, a lot of companies take the preventive approach, such as implementing programs and challenges that focus on losing weight or quitting smoking. Having a program that can combine all of your company’s benefits in one enterprise platform and includes telehealth services (see Continuwell a product of TriageLogic) will ensure staff members stay healthy and prevent illness.

The Benefits of a Full Wellness Program

While wellness programs are helpful and challenge employees to be their healthiest self, studies show that, to be effective, a wellness plan should be combined with a health/disease management program. Having a platform that makes it easy for your staff to access all the health and wellness resources that you provide will increase the utilization and effectiveness of those services.  When your practice has a platform that allows employees to access wellness plans as well as a disease/health management program, employees with pre-existing and developing chronic conditions can prevent a major medical event.

Continuwell is able to provide an enterprise platform that not only can combine your existing health and wellness benefits in one mobile application, but includes disease/health management services from registered nurses and board certified doctors. For example, a diabetic employee in the office has missed a dose of insulin and their blood sugar is over 200. Instead of taking off work to go to their doctor’s office, they can call or chat with a Continuwell nurse right from the office. The nurse will objectively follow the Schmitt-Thompson protocols and assess all of the employee’s other symptoms and develop a plan to return their blood sugar level to normal, saving time and money.

Save Your Practice Money

In addition to health concerns, there is the major aspect of financial savings. The RAND Corporation published a study on PepsiCo’s wellness and disease management program found that PepsiCo had a return on investment (ROI) of $3.80 for every dollar that they spent on their disease management program; while, the lifestyle management only programs saw a ROI of $0.50.

Furthermore, companies that run these programs together also experience lower rates of employee absenteeism, saving money employees taking less sick days. You already know the benefits of giving your patients easy access and around the clock availability to nurses. Services like Continuwell have saved many employees from making an unnecessary visit to the emergency room by providing them with a registered nursing professional who is able to listen to their symptoms and advise them as to what steps they need to take next. This in turn saves both the employees and the employers money.

As a physician or practice manager, you are not only accountable for your patients’ health, but the health of your staff. It is important to examine what programs your practice has in place and reevaluate ways to improve them. Wellness programs should set out with the intention to make employees healthier, which in turn will help boost productivity practice.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can provide your staff with TriageLogic’s Continuwell platform and how your employees can have easier access to their benefits, please contact a TriageLogic representative today for more information.

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