Tune in to Hear TriageLogic’s CEO on Monday’s First Coast Connect

Tune in to Hear TriageLogic’s CEO on Monday’s First Coast Connect

Jacksonville, FL (April 27, 2017). TriageLogic CEO, Charu Raheja, PhD, will be on the local radio show First Coast Connect Monday May 1, 2017 to discuss her story, some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today, and how telehealth fits in the overall solution. Call in to be part of the conversation Monday around 9 a.m. (EST) at (904) 549-2937.

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry is the number of options available when a health symptom emerges. Most people are not medically trained to be able to evaluate if what they are experiencing is serious or not. This can either lead to ignoring a serious condition or wasting time and money in an ER or urgent care center.

Charu knows first-hand that an unexpected illness can arise at any time. It was during a vacation in Miami, when she started experiencing a severe headache. She never would have guessed that her headache was actually a side effect of a potentially fatal brain bleed caused by an arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

Though Charu thought her headache was not serious, her husband was concerned and called her company’s on-call nurse service. Using Schmitt-Thompson protocols, her nurse evaluated her symptoms and told her to go to the ER. Charu was having a stroke! That telehealth nurse may have saved her life.

After that incident, Charu realized that people are more comfortable calling a nurse for advice, instead of calling a doctor directly. A telehealth nurse line should be available not just to patients, but to everyone. That is when Charu and Medical Director/husband, Ravi Raheja, decided to expand their business to provide a nurse-first telehealth model to businesses and organizations with free access to nurses, through Continuwell.

In addition to the free nurses, Continuwell has developed a platform to ensure that employees receive all the wellness and healthcare benefits that their companies offer. Engagement and utilization are the biggest challenges that many employers face, so Continuwell created a mobile application (app) to allow employees to access all company benefits in one place. They also included the ability for employers to stay connected with employees through events and messages with push notifications.

Charu will be discussing this and much more on air, Monday May 1st at 9 a.m. You can listen locally on 89.9 FM or click here to listen online.


About Continuwell® (www.continuwell.com)

Continuwell® is a mobile application (app) with free telehealth services, supported by over 10 years of expertise in the medical call center industry. Continuwell offers companies the benefit of having a single mobile app that includes all of their benefits for employees, wellness programs, and access to telehealth services, thus improving coordination of information and saving on unnecessary health expenses. Not only is Continuwell HIPAA compliant, they are also independent of health insurance companies. Covering over 18 million lives, Continuwell is an affordable healthcare solution that gives employees or members the peace of mind that their health is in good hands.


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