Charu Raheja on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine

TriageLogic Supports Healthy Hearts with Remote Patient Monitoring, Allowing Cardiologists and Other Physicians to Spend More Time on Direct Patient Care

TriageLogic, a leader in the telephone nurse triage industry, is using its more than 13 years of industry-leading phone triage experience in the emerging remote patient monitoring (RPM) market. As monitoring technologies continue to gain traction, RPM is viewed by the healthcare industry as a way to help control the cost of care for those with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, COPD, asthma, and diabetes.

As a proud supporter of the American Heart Association, TriageLogic’s CEO, Charu Raheja, Ph.D., was recently featured on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine for its February Women of Heart issue. “We’re working with cardiologists, other physicians and device companies to bridge the gap that exists between the mountains of data generated by health technology devices and the decisions that need to be made in support of better health,” said Raheja.

All monitoring takes place behind the scenes and is seamless to patients. A patient simply uses his or her device as directed by a physician, and any alerts or deviations registered by the device are evaluated by TriageLogic’s registered nurses. The patient then receives a call from a TriageLogic nurse who will provide instructions for follow-up care.

“Digital health technology is sophisticated and has tremendous potential to help patients with chronic conditions to better manage their health,” said Raheja. “However, the amount of data that’s generated is vast. A medically trained professional must review the information and evaluate it in the context of the individual to determine the appropriate action. We have the history, experience, and systems in place to review this data,” said Raheja.

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TriageLogic is a technology-based service provider of remote patient monitoring services and quality telehealth solutions, including comprehensive after-hours call center services and innovative online systems for use in institutional and private practice settings. TriageLogic provides patient call solutions for more than 9,000 physicians and helps manage the care of more than 18 million individuals.

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