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Employee Spotlight: Beth Demos, RN

 Employee Spotlight: Beth Demos, RN

This employee spotlight we have decided to feature Beth Demos, RN. You may have recently read about her call with a patient who did not want to follow her instructions. However, because of her persistence and compassion, he eventually called 911 and received the immediate care that he needed. 

After dabbling in art school, cosmetology, and pharmacology, Beth graduated from Clemson University with her nursing degree. She began her nursing career working on the renal floor but quickly changed to pediatrics. She worked for 11 years at Children’s Medical Center. She also worked as a school nurse and with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

She was inspired to become a nurse because she wanted to help people and hoped to be a blessing to other’s by being a health advocate and making a positive difference in this hard world. Her father became a diabetic when she was a young girl. She actually gave him her first injection when she was 10 years old.  She was also in an auto accident at age 16 that changed her life. She learned about the pain and suffering that was all around her, and within her on that pediatric ward in the hospital. Her hopes for the old future with gymnastics and of being a cheerleader had to change, but made her a new, more aware version of the old Beth. The nurses who took care of her were amazing and inspired her.

She found herself working in telephone triage nursing as part of her job at Children’s Medical Center. She thought it would be a good fit for her family’s needs at that time in her life, to be able to work from home. Beth enjoys being able to help people all across America and being a health advocate for all of her patients. 

When she is not taking patient calls, Beth designs and paints walls to let her artistic side out. She is currently training a service dog, which is challenging. She loves to cook, specializing in gluten, sugar, and dairy free. She homeschooled both of her children, so you could say she makes a hobby out of teaching and learning.