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Welcome to our summer 2017 newsletter! So much has happened since the beginning of this year, and I am excited to share our progress with you.

First, Continuwell is now available for your organizations to implement and ensure your employees stay healthy and your healthcare costs stay down. Did you know that over 85% of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer¹?  Not only does investing in employee health allow you to hire and retain top talent, but it also results in a clear ROI with costs savings in healthcare expenses and less sick days.

The Continuwell enterprise solution gives your organization the ability to ensure employees know what benefits and resources are available to them by consolidating all resources, benefits, and portals into one single app. You can even announce events in the calendar and send segmented push notifications to engage employees. We include free 24/7 access to our telehealth nurses from the mobile application. Our nurses can also educate employees on their health and wellness benefits.

You can watch a short video explaining how the app works at:

CW Platform

Second, we are updating the MyTriageChecklist. Many of our clients are already using MyTriageChecklist to manage their day time patient phone calls, and they see a savings in nurse time and improved documentation of patient calls. See our Medical Director’s letter to learn about the new features.

Speaking of software, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for your Nurse Call Center to evaluate patient and nurse data. We are in the process of creating new data reports and a data dashboard that will allow you to separate information and create graphs such as percentage of ER referrals vs. doctor referrals, and nurse call time averages. This will help your Call Center with training, quality improvement and overall performance measure. Our goal, as always, is to deliver to your organization an affordable solution that provides the best care for your patients.

Finally, do not forget to check out the TriageLogic in the News section. We are honored for the recognition we have received and we look forward to continuing to service our communities and improving access to healthcare. Along with our goal of improving healthcare and expanding services to our clients, we are now providing post-op follow up calls, where we help patients after they have been discharged from the hospital after having brain surgery.  Please contact us if you are interested in a patient post-op follow up with our nurses to decrease patient health complications and readmissions.

For comments or questions on our newest endeavors or any general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, at (855) 734-4463 or

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