Building Trust in Telephone Nurse Triage


Call Center Version

Add triage protocols to your existing call center patient management system

Looking to turn your current system in to a clinical call center? 

The myTriageChecklist – Call Center Version allows you to easily add triage protocols without buying a whole new system. With this module, you can provide your patients with quality care advice while improving call time averages. This module will convert an EMR into a clinical triage call center platform for 24/7 usage. This software includes additional triage protocols to cover patients whether the office is open or closed.

Security and Expertise:

• Web-based – no installation required
• Training sessions with a triage expert
• 24/7 IT support • Secure data centers
• Mirror image duplicate servers
• Built-in disaster recovery
• No PHI collected or stored
• Medication dosage charts
• Email/text Schmitt-Thompson handouts
• Email/text care advice

Administrative Options:

• Reporting Portal
• Custom Handouts
• Custom Workflows
• Custom Dispositions
• Integration with Salesforce or Other EMR
• Project Manager Support

Patient calls, the nurse enters symptom “keywords” to quickly access the correct protocol.

TriageLogic starts Nurse Triage with Old Harding Pediatrics

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