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50 Reasons to Choose TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage On Call

 50 Reasons to Choose TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage On Call

Providers are often faced with the dilemma of ensuring that their patients have access to care after-hours, but do not have the time or staff to provide those services. The benefits of having a trained medical professional after hours are clear: not only does it prevent unnecessary medical expenses by directing people appropriately, but it also helps ensure continuity of patient care.

TriageLogic offers 24/7 nurse triage coverage for providers and their patients with Nurse Triage On Call.  Over the years, we have received great feedback from both providers and their patients on their experience with our triage service. We have compiled 50 of those testimonials in this eBook, “50 Reasons to Choose TriageLogic.

What Providers Are Saying

Amy Smith, TriageLogic’s Account Manager, notes the following comments from current and prospective clients:

“I like receiving secure texts from the triage nurse. It is great having the note in front of me for the call with the patient.” – Pediatrician in North Carolina

“It is great that we can add custom orders for the nurses to follow when taking care of our patients.” – Family Practice Physician in Texas

“This service is great because we can access our on-call schedule and change it anytime at our convenience.” – Office Manager in Oregon

How It Works

When a practice uses the TriageLogic Nurse Triage On Call service, their patients talk to a triage representative when they call the office after hours. Our highly trained registered nurses return each patient’s call, thoroughly assesses their symptoms and past medical history (PMH), and directs them to the appropriate level of care. As the nurses handle the calls, the details are documented in the system and each encounter is sent to the physician’s office. This allows the patient to have consistent care and the provider to feel confident that their patients are receiving quality medical advice after-hours with their custom preferences. The Nurse Triage On Call service is also a great tool for preventing unnecessary visits to the emergency room.

Key Features

Gold standard protocols from Schmitt-Thompson

All calls recorded

All licensed registered nurses

Call back time less than 30 minutes

Special Features

Highly customizable standing orders – our nurses follow instructions specific to each practice or each physician in the practice

HIPAA-compliant texting – nurse can securely text MD’s smartphone

Encounters sent via fax, email, FTP or online access to notes

Optional integration module

Optional tele-health app

Give Amy a call today at (855)734-4463 or contact us to see how TriageLogic’s Nurse Triage On Call can help your practice.

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