Remote Patient Monitoring

TriageLogic and Analog Devices Join Together to Bring Remote Patient Monitoring to Healthcare Organizations

The TriageLogic team and David Brown, the Director and Marketing Development at Analog Device, sat down to talk about their partnership in bringing RPM to doctors and hospitals to monitor their chronic care patients remotely. Analog Devices supplies the devices and hardware that patients will wear in their homes. These devices send signals on a regular basis, which sends data to update on their condition. TriageLogic supplies the protocols to monitor and the service behind this system; our nurses and non-clinical staff are responsible for helping the client with interpreting and managing the data that comes from the devices. TriageLogic and Analog Devices each make up two pieces of a puzzle that can bring this cutting edge technology to providers.

We asked David and the team at Analog Devices some questions about their decision to work with us and what it’s been like so far?

Q: What were some of the factors that influenced the decision to work with TriageLogic?

A: There are a few different reasons including the technology, the people, and the service. Overall, we were impressed by the TriageLogic team. TL is very knowledgeable about the market, and they know how to develop solutions that support the shift of focus from a clinical setting to a virtual setting of care.

From a software perspective, TL had significant experience both with developing care teams and software support solutions for a variety of applications and specialties. They have a wide range of software expertise; developing customer specific solutions, and integrating with clinical and IT (data) pathways including customized triage protocols, interfaces with in-house care teams, alert protocols and EHR integration.

On the service side, they have the ability to work with a variety of remote monitoring modalities, their medical director (Ravi Raheja, MD) is focused on incorporating the data into care protocols and ensuring nursing that can support proactive care management programs.

Q: What was your experience working with the team at TriageLogic?

A: The TriageLogic Team was very thorough, investing a significant amount of time understanding ADI’s objectives prior to putting together a comprehensive plan to support the build out solution. They are easy to work with and extremely nimble accommodating ongoing changes in the project. The management team was highly involved and available to address challenges throughout the process of getting our platform up and running.

A remote monitoring solution improves patient care, but it also allows providers to increase their revenue by taking advantage of available reimbursement by CMS. Choosing a team to tackle this new technology is imperative to improving patient care, ensuring ease of transition to remote care and increasing revenue. TriageLogic and Analog Devices work in tandem to create an onboarding experience that is efficient with minimum provider time. We look forward to helping healthcare providers and organizations step into the future of our industry and take full advantage of the opportunities that this technology offers.

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