mosquito and tickborne diseases

Mosquito and Tickborne Diseases: Triage Nurses Can Educate and Evaluate Your Patients

  A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reports that the number of cases of disease from mosquito, tick, and flea bites has more than tripled in the USA in the past decade. More alarming in the report is that only ⅓ of people with Lyme Disease get diagnosed. If left untreated, the infection can spread to joints, the heart, and the nervous system. Thus educating your patients about mosquito and tickborne diseases is crucial for their wellbeing. Providing a reliable nurse

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Saving healthcare dollars

Saving Healthcare Dollars with Nurse Triage – A Case Study

While many symptoms are serious and require an emergency care visit, many patients seek the advice of a triage nurse to keep them out of the Emergency Room. There are many times when the triage nurse is able to redirect the caller to a safer and less expensive treatment option, while also educating them on what symptoms to monitor for that would warrant a need to be seen in the Emergency Room. The following article presents a typical case study of a college student debating on whether

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Silverline and TriageLogic Partner to Integrate Nurse Triage Software with Salesforce Health Cloud

Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Firm headquartered in New York City, in partnership with TriageLogic©, is proud to announce an integrated version of its nurse triage module for Salesforce. With MyTriageChecklist, the comprehensive triage module, patient and/or medical call centers with Salesforce can easily add nurse triage protocols into the core interaction with patients. Salesforce continues to gain momentum across the healthcare industry with Health Cloud, built on their market leading CRM platform. Health Cloud is a premier patient and member relationship platform that harnesses the

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Patient Triage Calls

Tips for Successful Patient Triage Calls

Triaging patients over the phone is challenging because nurses have limited information available to them. Telephone triage nurses are not able to use touch or visual cues. These nurses have to rely on their years of training, education, and instincts to help them make the right decision every time. Below, I discuss tips to ensure positive triage outcomes for each patient call. Be Objective: As a triage nurse, be careful to be objective no matter the circumstances. It can be easy to mistake a caller’s

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Triage Call Center

Using Data Analytics to Improve Value-Based Care

As practices and organizations move to value-based care, medical call centers can play a crucial role in improving the patient experience and the quality of care while containing costs. An effective way to start finding a solution is to evaluate data from nurse triage call centers on patient concerns, caller demographics, nurse triage disposition and effectiveness, and other measures to improve the call center and the patient experience. Value-based programs focus on the quality of the care given, rather than fee-for-service. Ensuring that patients receive

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telehealth nurses

Incorporating Telehealth Nurses in Your Telemedicine Services

By Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D. Hospitals, specialty clinics, and other healthcare organizations are expanding telemedicine to provide quality services and generate revenue. There are many telemedicine options available for each organization’s unique needs and it is important to be aware of the factors that providers must consider to make telemedicine services successful for the patients and the organization. Telemedicine Adoption [1] According to the 2017 Foley Telemedicine and Digital Health Survey of more than 100 senior hospital executives, more than three-quarters of those surveyed are either

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Patients love TriageLogic

Why Patients Love TriageLogic’s After-Hours Telephone Triage Service – A Case Study

Why Patients Love TriageLogic’s After-Hours Telephone Triage Service Hospitals and physicians trust TriageLogic to be there for their patients’ health concerns. TriageLogic’s telephone nurse triage service Nurse Triage On Call includes trained nurses that are available after-hours to discuss symptoms and solutions. We like to highlight stories when TriageLogic nurses take the initiative to help their patient beyond the standard protocols. CASE STUDY: Meet the Caller and the Nurse On a Wednesday evening, Joel* called his after-hours nurse line and reached TriageLogic nurse Beth. Joel is 39 years

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How Secure is Your Patient Data?

How Secure is Your Patient Data? As more technology gets implemented to improve healthcare data security has become an increasingly important aspect to consider. Providers need to know that their patient’s information is secure and that the systems and products that they are using are not leaving them vulnerable. At TriageLogic, we take several steps to protect patient data and ensure that our products are properly secure and managed in accordance with HIPAA standards. “Customers want to know that a vendor has the proper administrative,

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Dr. Charu Raheja to be a Keynote Speaker at Biannual HAFA Conference for Healthcare Advisors

 Dr. Charu Raheja to be a Keynote Speaker at Biannual HAFA Conference for Healthcare Advisors Jacksonville, FL March 5, 2018. Continuwell announces CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, Ph.D., to be a keynote speaker at the biannual Health Agents for America (HAFA) conference in New Orleans March 8th and 9th. Dr. Raheja will present a roadmap to help agents assess client needs and easy-to-implement technological solutions that can serve those needs and add value to companies.    Members who attend Dr. Raheja’s talk will receive continuing education

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Why Telephone Triage Nurses are a Perfect Complement to Telemedicine

 Why Telephone Triage Nurses are a Perfect Complement to Telemedicine Telemedicine has been a medical buzzword for several years, and the variety and depth of services provided have grown dramatically during this time. There is little argument that telemedicine is a great way to supplement traditional medical practices. The advantages are clear: more convenient care for patients, more doctor availability, and less driving time and waiting-room time. But like any other new evolving field, there is still a learning curve and a need for developing

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Increased Call Volume Due to 2018 Influenza Season

Increased Call Volume Due to 2018 Influenza Season There is no denying it, we are in the middle of Flu Season. Is your practice experiencing an influx of patient calls? TriageLogic nurses have seen a 28% increase in call volume from December to January. Many of these patients are suffering from flu-like symptoms and reaching out to their providers for care advice.  We are just entering week 13 of this year’s flu season. The average duration has been 16 weeks over the last five seasons.

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Using Telephone Nurse Triage to Evaluate Patients for Possible Heart Attacks

Using Telephone Nurse Triage to Evaluate Patients for Possible Heart Attacks Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women, yet many patients do not realize that they may have heart attack symptoms. These symptoms can often be subtle or imitate other ailments, such as influenza, nausea, or back pain. Therefore, telephone triage nurses must know the warning signs to help their patients get the correct care. Using quality triage software, nurses are able to efficiently evaluate patients for possible heart attacks which

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