E-book on how employee wellbeing benefits organizations

New E-book Release About How Employee Wellbeing Benefits Organizations

JACKSONVILLE, FL (October 8, 2018) “Corporate wellbeing programs often serve two main purposes: improve the overall health of employees and improve productivity in the workplace.” TriageLogic’s CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, just released her latest book,  Why Wellbeing is Simply Good Business. While you are taking care of your patients, who takes care of your health? The book guides readers to understanding why focusing on the employees’ well-being is beneficial to both the company and its employees. The book also offers easy-to-implement and low-cost solutions to

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Triage Nurses Treating High Blood Pressure among Children

The AHA has recently presented findings of food insecurity leading to high blood pressure among children. Food insecurity affects around 40 million Americans; 6 million of those being children and adolescents. Triage nurses can provide simple solutions to alleviate the medical situation by providing parents with health education and by reassuring parental concerns about their child’s health. What is Food Insecurity? Food insecurity is defined as poor access to nutritional foods. Surprisingly, 1 in 8 Americans are food insecure today. Many families cannot afford or do not have the opportunity to

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Nurse Toolbox: How Can Triage Nurses Evaluate Patients for Otitis Media/ Ear Infection?

About 90 percent of children are diagnosed with at least one ear infection. Triage nurses need to know how to effectively assess the patient through a distraught parent. Ear infections are the most common bacterial infection in children and peak between ages 6 months to 2 years. Communication is very difficult with children in this age group, therefore triage nurses must be prepared to ask the right questions as the patient cannot verbally express their condition. Parents that call a triage nurse when their child

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CEO of TriageLogic Nominated for International Award

The 20 Successful Businesswomen To Look for in 2018 Founder and CEO of the TriageLogic Group, Doctor Charu Raheja, was recently named “The 20 Successful Business Women To Look for 2018” in the most recent edition of Mirror Review magazine. In the article, Charu discusses her journey with starting TriageLogic, and how her challenges have helped her run a successful telehealth business. According to Charu, “My success and the success of our company stems from staying ahead of demand and developing innovative solutions that improve

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The Role of Triage Nurses During Food Outbreaks

Recently foods such as Honey Smacks cereal, Goldfish Crackers, and eggs have been on the news as being recalled. The main culprit in these recalls was Salmonella. Updates on Honey Smacks alone have shown that at least 130 people across 36 states have contracted the illness, creating worry among consumers. Still, not all food recalls have the potential to cause health hazards. Our triage nurses have been evaluating and educating patients worried about symptoms following the consumption of one of those items. Doctors who want

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Reduce Physician Burnout with Telephone Triage Nurses

Patients today expect their physicians to be available outside of standard office hours, creating higher demands on already busy schedules for doctors.  Studies point to more than half of physicians reporting burnout, as defined as a loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism, and a low sense of personal accomplishment. A solution for doctors and hospitals is to develop a team that can assist doctors while providing the continuity of care needed to maintain the high quality of care that doctors want for their patients.  One solution

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Keynote speaker at health advisors conference

Jacksonville, FL August 27, 2018. Continuwell announces CTO Ravi Raheja, MD to be a keynote speaker at the biannual Health Agents for America (HAFA) conference in Las Vegas August 30th  and 31st. Dr. Raheja will discuss client retention and solutions to improve the delivery of benefits and resources to clients. He will present a roadmap to help health advisors assess client needs and implement solutions that can serve those needs and add value to companies.   Attendees will learn about new resources that they can introduce

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Nurse Triage Case Study of a Cardiac Patient

Triage Nurses and Working Diagnoses Intro:  The main goal for triage nurses when they get a call from a patient is to evaluate their symptoms and determine the level of care needed to treat those symptoms. The more pertinent information the nurse can collect, the more likely she is to understand what is causing the patients symptoms and how to assist the patient in getting to the most appropriate level of care. This nurse triage case study focuses on a cardiac patient. When presented with

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Tips for Triage Nurses to Manage Difficult Callers

Often times, patients calling a triage nurse are worried, tired and overwhelmed. This can create a situation where callers are difficult to triage. This article presents tips for nurses to help callers remain calm and diffuse a difficult call. A key tip for triage nurses is to use compassion to effectively triage patients, and focus on each callers’ unique issues even when the patient is having difficulty cooperating with the nurse.  At TriageLogic, our nurses use a simple three-step model to help build that bridge

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Using a Custom Practice Mobile App to Engage and Improve Patient Health

Demands for enterprise mobility and flexibility are a new reality in today’s society. Physicians and hospitals need to evaluate how they can leverage technology to meet the needs of patient interaction. Here, we discuss how providing patients with a custom practice mobile app will improve engagement and improve patient health. Studies suggest that healthcare is more efficient and effective when patients are actively engaged in their care. Providers can encourage meaningful engagement with a customized mobile app for patients. Apps can be used to deliver

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Nurse Triage Risks

First Lesson on Triage Liability: Risk Reduction with Pediatric Triage

Introducing the first lesson in the latest course from TriageLogic’s Learning Center, Risks in Telephone Triage. Throughout this course, we will examine the various risks that providers need to consider when triage nurses evaluate patients over the phone. These risks include delay of care, not following protocols, practicing outside the scope of nursing, and improper documentation. In this first lesson on risk, we discuss how telephone triage nurses are able to minimize risks when triaging infants. In Lesson 1: Risks with Infants, we review two triage

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TriageLogic Group Awarded as One of Jacksonville’s Fastest Growing Companies Second Year in a Row

On July 12th, 2018 the TriageLogic Group was recognized at the Jacksonville Business Journal Fast 50 awards as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies on the First Coast. Each year, the Jacksonville Business Journal highlights companies in the community who are the successfully growing. This is the second year in a row that the TriageLogic Group has been awarded. The recipients of this award include a variety of industries.  The Jacksonville Business Journal identified the businesses who have seen their revenue increase the

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