TriageLogic and Play-it Health business logos, coupled with a display of vital signs on an ICU monitor.

Press Release: Play-it Health Partners with TriageLogic on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Jacksonville, Fla., August 9, 2021 – Play-it Health, a virtual care management organization, has coupled its Remote Patient Monitoring services with TriageLogic’s telephone nurse support for patient symptom-checking and follow-up. Play-it Health has continued to provide exceptional virtual care management since the COVID-19 pandemic through the use of its Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. This is one of the most effective tools that doctors can implement to track the symptoms of their patients who suffer from chronic disease. It incorporates wearable devices that those patients use

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Gavel and stethoscope rest on a medical binder beside a computer keyboard.

Legal Perspective on Telephone Nurse Triage Documentation and Tips for Success

There’s no question that telephone triage nurses provide a valuable resource for patients seeking guidance on medical care. But like all areas of healthcare, they must also understand the legal responsibilities and liabilities involved in telephone nurse triage documentation. Here are the main points they must keep in mind to provide the most accurate dispositions and avoid legal or negligence issues: They don’t make diagnoses It’s important to remember that triage nurses do not diagnose patient symptoms, nor should they claim to. Their role is

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Dr. Ravi Raheja discusses Delta Variant at Jacksonville Newsroom Channel 4

Triage Nurse Explains Delta Variant: Symptoms, Vaccinations, and Prevention — An Interview With Ravi Raheja, M.D.

The most recent concern for the U.S. regarding COVID-19 has been the spread of the contagious Delta variant. It first appeared in India in December of 2020, spread to the U.K. and other countries, and is now poised to become the dominant strain stateside. This is attributed to its higher transmissibility, as well as lower vaccination rates and reduced social distancing measures. As a result, patient questions about COVID are on the rise. Here’s what triage nurses have learned about Delta thus far, information that

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Male grasping abdomen with both hands

Important Steps for a Triage Nurse Evaluating Male Abdominal Pain

When your male patients call your practice to report abdominal pain, it’s important that the responding nurse considers all possible reasons — and obtains all necessary information — to get a clear picture of the patient’s symptoms. Not only is abdominal pain fairly common, the root causes of it can vary greatly, as can the severity of its discomfort. Each case requires a triage nurse to consider the worst-case scenario based on a full picture of the associated symptoms, and use the most up-to-date triage

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Remote Nurse Triage

Care News – Summer 2021

In this issue of Care News, we cover the three questions medical practices are faced with now that COVID restrictions have loosened; Dr. Ravi Raheja talks about the importance of cybersecurity for protecting your telephone nurse triage and patient data, and addresses the growing cases of COVID-19 in younger age groups; and we highlight the importance of new Schmitt-Thompson protocols that allow triage nurses to schedule patient telehealth visits. CEO Summer 2021 Update – Dr. Charu Raheja Letter from the CEO – How Hospitals and

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Cybersecurity specialists reviewing data on computers.

Cybersecurity: How to Safeguard Your Medical Call Center

Healthcare organizations are recognizing the need for heightened cyber defense in the wake of increased ransomware and other malware attacks this year. Becker’s outlines the main points of entry that hackers are likely to exploit, including networks, equipment connected over the Internet of Things (IoT), personal devices, data storage, records disposal, and remote users. That last vector is increasingly important as more patient care shifts to remote-based triage and appointment setting. Below are some recommendations on how your medical call center can improve policies surrounding

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schmitt thompson

Schmitt-Thompson Update: Telephone Triage Nurses Can Now Schedule Your Telehealth Visit

The pandemic accelerated the use of telemedicine, and indications are that it’s here to stay. Patients and families have largely embraced it as a convenient means of medical care for concerns and questions that do not require an in-person visit, while more providers — including primary care and specialists — have continued to adopt it. As a result of the increasing demand for telehealth, the triage nurse protocols written by Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Thompson have been updated to include the option for triage nurses

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Dr. Ravi Raheja Discusses COVID Case Uptick in Teens

Over the weekend, TriageLogic’s Dr. Ravi Raheja spoke with News Channel 4 about the recent uptick in teen sickness due to COVID-19, addressed parent concerns, and offered precautions that families can take to protect themselves. What factors could be at play for a rise in cases? New strains may be making it easier for the virus to spread, as we’ve seen happen in other countries. Because many businesses have started to reopen at total capacity, federal and state guidelines have been relaxed, and more of

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Outdoor headshot of Charu Raheja

Letter from the CEO – How Hospitals and Practices Should Prepare for Fall 2021

The past year and a half has redefined the healthcare industry. Hospital systems and practices were forced to adapt to a global pandemic while offering chronic or emergency care. The result has been a new medical world: one with expanded telehealth, nurses triaging patient symptoms over the phone, and remote patient monitoring devices tracking vitals and offering an advanced warning against life-threatening conditions. Yet even when you consider these advancements in care and our current vaccine rollout, the loosening of COVID restrictions at the state

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Press Release: TriageLogic Announces Ebook on Telehealth Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 7, 2021 – TriageLogic has released a study they conducted of their telehealth nurse system during the COVID-19 pandemic that analyzes caller data, protocols used, and general changes in patient behavior to shed light on the efficacy of remote care in the modern medical age. COVID-19 altered many patients’ perceptions of healthcare. So much of the population was afraid of contracting the virus, and this fear was exacerbated by the potential risk of exposure in a hospital setting. As a result, telehealth nurse

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RPM’s One Problem: Not Enough Nurses

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can be one of the most effective programs you can implement to manage the care of your patients suffering from a chronic disease. Wearable devices track their vitals and send alerts to doctors when potential complications are recorded, serving as an advanced warning system for detecting problems weeks in advance before patients experience symptoms. Not only does this help your patients avoid unnecessary ER trips and expenses, it encourages them to work toward healthier lifestyles. Yet for all of these benefits

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Foundational Tips for Telephone Triage Nurses

Telephone nurse triage is a system that requires the work of dedicated nurses who can think on their feet in order to quickly and accurately direct callers to take the appropriate actions in any given situation. While that may sound daunting, it can become significantly easier to accomplish with basic knowledge of what to do during any caller interaction so that nurses can effectively triage patients every time they pick up the phone. Nurses should also always use standard triage protocols, such as the gold

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