A nurse uses her tablet to review data for an older patient's vitals that were recorded remotely.

Press Release: TriageLogic’s New Ebook Highlights How Technology and Nurses are Improving Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

TriageLogic, a leader in nurse triage and telehealth technology, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest ebook, “Revolutionizing Care: Technology and Telehealth Nurses in Remote Patient Care.” This comprehensive guide explores the evolution of telehealth, the pivotal role that triage nurses have played in the realm of remote care, as well as specific technology solutions that have vastly improved patient engagement. It also offers valuable insight for providers on how they can successfully establish and optimize programs for nurse triage and remote patient

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An older patient uses a laptop to talk with their doctor after scheduling an appointment with telehealth nurse triage.

Improving Patient Care and Satisfaction: 5 Solutions for Telehealth Nurse Triage

Do your triage nurses have a hard time reporting patient symptoms and responding to them in the right order? Fortunately, there are several innovative tools that are available to address these issues and enhance your patient care. Let’s explore five key solutions for telehealth nurse triage. 1. MedMessage Assist™: Enhancing Symptom Reporting Nonclinical operators are usually the first people to assist patient callers long before any telephone triage services. But these operators aren’t usually knowledgeable when it comes to asking about all possible symptoms beyond

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A triage nurse sitting in front of a laptop in a medical office uses a headset to talk with a patient about their symptoms.

What Is Nurse Triage, and How Can It Benefit Your Practice?

Practice efficiency and patient care go hand in hand. One of the key factors that keeps these two in balance is nurse triage. What is nurse triage, and how does it benefit your practice? Below is a high-level overview of this crucial service, and why you should consider outsourcing it. What Is Nurse Triage? Nurse triage — specifically, telephone or telehealth nurse triage — is a form of nursing where trained RNs assess the symptoms of patient callers. They determine the severity of those symptoms

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A group of physicians review automated nurse triage training solutions on a laptop.

Press Release: TriageLogic Announces Innovative “Triage Assist” Solution for Nurse Training and Quality Assurance

Due to budget restrictions, many healthcare organizations, physicians’ practices, and medical call centers are finding it difficult to train new triage nurses and oversee the work of seasoned ones. This is particularly problematic when it comes to evaluating their phone calls with patients: on average, only three to five calls per nurse per month can be screened for accuracy. This is why TriageLogic is proud to announce its new Triage Assist module to solve these training and quality assurance challenges. It does so through a

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A patient adjusts a wearable sensor on their arm so that data is received and billable with CPT codes for RPM.

Mastering Medicare RPM Reimbursement: Your Guide to CPT Codes for RPM

New technologies are revolutionizing how doctors can perform chronic care management (CCM). Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one of them, giving doctors and nurses the ability to track patients’ health while those patients are at home. For this technology to be financially successful for your practice, your workers must understand the most recent CPT codes for RPM to get reimbursed, as well as the services you need to offer in order to bill for these codes. Mastering the latest billing codes and aligning your services

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Solutions for Physician Work-Life Balance: A happy physician leans back in his chair in his office, thanks to using nurse triage tools that have given him more time to focus on care.

The Heart of Healthcare: Solutions for Physician Work-Life Balance

Physician work-life balance is an important topic in today’s fast-paced medical landscape. The demands of patient care, administrative tasks, and personal responsibilities often leave physicians feeling overwhelmed and at risk of burnout. In fact, research shows burnout among physicians spiked to 63% back in 2021. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we present solutions for physician work-life balance to save time and increase revenue. These allow doctors to cultivate self-care and find balance in their professional and personal lives, all while still being able to

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A doctor verifies an accurate nurse triage history with a nurse by reviewing her patient notes on a tablet.

Get an Accurate Nurse Triage History Every Time: Introducing TriageLogic’s History Assist Module

Offices today are struggling to maintain qualified support staff who can assist patients when they have medical questions or symptoms. Currently, nonclinical team members take messages for nurses, or patients leave voicemails for nurses. Those nurses are then pressured to make good decisions about the proper levels of care, while documenting each case thoroughly for provider review later. Providers will often have to review each nurse’s notes and make decisions without having spoken to their patients. For an office to operate efficiently, it is critical

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A woman sitting in bed at night phones her doctor's office while experiencing a sudden-onset headache, one of several symptoms that patients call about after normal office hours.

Nurse Triage by the Numbers: Top 20 Symptoms That Patients Call About

What are the main concerns that people face when doctors’ offices are closed? How serious do they tend to be? Because there is a wide range of medical conditions that patients may experience, it’s the responsibility of triage nurses to understand those symptoms and guide patients to the most appropriate care. Below we explore the top 20 symptoms that patients call about most. A Note About Triage Protocols To address each caller’s symptoms, triage nurses need protocols. Those developed by Drs. Barton Schmitt and David

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A nurse checks the vitals recorded by a remote

Doctors Are Hesitating to Adopt Remote Patient Monitoring. Here’s How They Can Do So Successfully

Although the benefits of remote patient monitoring (RPM) for patients and providers have been well documented, many doctors’ offices have yet to adopt a program. The reasons for this often include poor past experiences with new technology: namely, cumbersome user interfaces, questionable data accuracy, drawn-out implementations, and surprise costs. If you’re a physician who feels hesitant for these same reasons, we can empathize. That’s why we’ve put together an easy-to-implement, doctor-run program that can help you adopt remote patient monitoring to increase patient health while

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Physician after-hours nurse triage represented by a nurse working on a laptop in a hospital office at night.

Continuity of Care: 9 Ways Physician After-Hours Nurse Triage Enhances Patient Care

Discover the transformative potential of physician after-hours nurse triage, a crucial asset for medical practices aiming to optimize patient care outside regular office hours. While many practices strive to manage patient needs in-house, the reality is that resources are often stretched thin, leading to gaps in patient support. By outsourcing to a dedicated call center staffed with registered nurses, your practice can ensure comprehensive coverage around the clock. This strategic move not only enhances health outcomes for your patients but also translates into significant revenue

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TriageLogic Outdoor headshots of Charu Raheja and Ravi Raheja.

Conversation With Our CEO and CTO: Revolutionize Your Telehealth Experience With Cutting-Edge Tools in 2024

TriageLogic is releasing several new and exciting tools to improve all areas of telehealth in your organization: medical scripting for nonclinical staff, simulated nurse triage training, automated triage assistance with history note taking, and automated quality oversight, to name a few. In addition, nurse triage notes can be integrated with all major electronic medical record (EMR) systems, including EPIC, Cerner, and Athena. TriageLogic’s product lines — such as NTOC (Nurse Triage On-Call) and MTC (MyTriageChecklist) — will now provide two-way integration with qualified clients. All

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Concept for healthy triage nurses during the holidays: a stethoscope is packed into a Santa hat already filled with presents, an ornament, a red berry, and a pine tree branch.

Holiday Tips for Healthy Triage Nurses

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the holidays can be difficult for healthcare workers, and triage nurses are no exception. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful list of tips they can follow to make sure they stay as safe as the patient callers they assist. Here’s how you can support healthy triage nurses. Embrace Mindful Eating Holiday festivities often bring a wide range of indulgent treats that are difficult to resist! To foster a better sense of well-being, it’s important for nurses to actively incorporate

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