A mother and child use a tablet for a video call with their family doctor for telemedicine.

What Types of Telemedicine Should You Add to Your Practice?

While telehealth and telemedicine were both expanding in use prior to COVID-19, it’s safe to say that the pandemic pushed them to the forefront of care. In many ways, these have been widely accepted among medical professionals as effective alternatives to in-person appointments. Obviously, most health screenings and tests can’t be performed remotely, but there are several types of healthcare services that can. Here are the types of telemedicine that could benefit your organization, and options that are available to help you with them. Nurse

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Headshot of TriageLogic's CEO, Charu Raheja.

Letter From Our CEO: Healthcare Technology and Medical Scripting Are Key Drivers for TriageLogic’s Solutions

Nurse triage has always been about guiding patients to better health outcomes. Our registered nurses are available 24/7, and they guide patients using Schmitt-Thompson protocols and custom doctor orders. In addition, our myTriageChecklist software gives office nurses the ability to follow protocols and properly document interactions and symptoms when patients call their doctors. While we frequently tout the benefits of outsourcing this service and software, there are other areas where we remain active, such as developing healthcare technology and medical scripting to improve communication between

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Dr. Ravi Raheja sits with Adrienne Houghton at a table interview with Buzz TV.

TriageLogic’s Dr. Ravi Raheja Talks Nurse Triage With Jacksonville Buzz

Dr. Ravi Raheja, CTO and Medical Director at TriageLogic, had the pleasure of sitting down with Adrienne Houghton with Jacksonville Buzz to discuss the nature of nurse triage, its influence on telehealth, and what he sees for the future of healthcare technology. You can watch the full interview below, or read on to learn more about some of the particulars. The History of TriageLogic When asked about the founding of TriageLogic, Dr. Raheja cites his wife, Charu, as the one who developed the concept: taking

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Headshot of Ravi Raheja

Letter From Our CTO: Improve Medical Message Intake and Patient Engagement Despite RSV, Flu, and Nurse Shortage

Healthcare networks may have made it past what was arguably the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re still experiencing challenges when it comes to available resources and medical staffing. This is in no small part due to the surge in RSV and flu cases this year, coupled with a growing nurse shortage. However, in conjunction with our long-standing, outsourced nurse triage services, TriageLogic offers new digital solutions that can help medical organizations overcome these burdens and improve patient care: a medical intake module that

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An angry patient caller sits on his couch at home and grimaces while yelling into a mobile phone in his hand.

How Triage Nurses Should Respond to Frustrated and Angry Patient Callers

The holidays certainly don’t have a shortage of healthcare needs. Many of those will be communicated by way of frustrated or angry patient callers for your nursing staff. Here are the steps your organization can take in order to manage those calls and ensure that patients still see the appropriate providers in the appropriate windows of time. Calls From Angry Patients When any patient loses their cool and becomes abusive to a telephone or telehealth triage nurse, it’s the nurse’s obligation to make the caller

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Christmas hats adorn a hand weight and an orange, beside body measuring tape, candy canes, and a party horn.

How to Maintain Healthy Habits During the Holidays

While the holidays are often the time of year for joy and family gatherings, they’re also when healthy decisions tend to go on vacation. This can be the result of stress, travel plans, busy end-of-the-year work schedules, juggling kids, consuming more alcohol at parties, coping with seasonal affective disorder or depression, as well as a host of other potential factors. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick checklist of healthy habits during the holidays to keep in mind, and suggestions for how to maintain them. (Brief)

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Illustration of RSV viral envelopes and spike proteins.

Cold vs. Flu, or RSV? How Telehealth Nurses Can Use Triage Protocols to Address All Three

Since COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, this fall is already experiencing a surprising surge of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in conjunction with flu and the common cold. Telehealth nurses have experienced a roughly 20% increase in patient call volumes and winter hasn’t even started. While RSV symptoms are typically cold-like in appearance, the virus can be detrimental to infants, older adults, and those with medical conditions that put them at higher risk for serious, life-threatening complications. Symptoms for all three of these ailments can be

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A mother gives thermometer readings over the phone to an ASO while her daughter is resting in bed.

Clinical Review Shows How MedMessage Assist Substantially Improves Patient Caller Safety

Patient callers with medical symptoms require medical professionals who can respond within specific callback windows, based on the severity of those symptoms. While it depends on the practice, nonclinical personnel like Answering Service Operators (ASOs) are often the first points of contact for these calls. However, because ASOs aren’t certified medical professionals, it’s easier for them to overlook or underreport symptoms that are actually urgent, leaving patients with delayed care and poorer health outcomes. That’s where TriageLogic’s new software, MedMessage Assist, comes into play. It’s

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Two nurses at a clinic use nurse triage software to document a patient caller's symptoms.

What Should You Look for in Nurse Triage Software?

Telephone nurse triage is a valuable means for healthcare organizations and medical call centers to evaluate patient caller symptoms and direct them to the appropriate care. Making sure that your triage is as accurate and standardized as possible often depends on the software available to your nurses. That’s why we’ve developed a checklist of the main features we think are the most important to look for when you’re evaluating nurse triage software.  1. Nurse Triage Protocols The ideal nurse triage software will include Schmitt-Thompson protocols.

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A diverse team of smiling nurses and physicians stands outside a hospital.

From Basement Faxes to Remote Nurse Triage: The Story of TriageLogic

TriageLogic was initially conceived for two reasons: to overcome many of the technological challenges to telephone nurse triage, and to allow triage nurses greater flexibility and support in their roles. But we’re not simply a company that provides nurse staffing solutions. We’re a healthcare partner that provides technology-enabled services, licensed software, and expertise in all areas of telephone (and now telehealth) medicine. Here’s how we’ve evolved, and where we see ourselves moving forward. Our Beginnings TriageLogic was founded by our CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, and

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A bubble chart shows the percentages of nurse triage protocols selected for patients based on their symptoms.

Case Study: How a Hospital System Standardized Care With Nurse Triage Software

As a hospital network grows, it can be difficult to standardize health care. This is especially true when it comes to nurse triage, where patient callers are evaluated on their symptoms and instructed on the types of care they should seek, either from their PCP, the ER, or at home. Standardizing nurse triage doesn’t simply come down to assessing who’s answering your patient phone calls — it’s also about the system they use to evaluate patient symptoms. This was the impetus for one health system

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Glittering lights fall behind the tagline, "12th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree."

TriageLogic Makes Honoree List for GrowFL’s 12th Annual Florida Companies to Watch

GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch is a statewide competition that identifies second-stage businesses that are expected to see significant growth over the next several years. TriageLogic is thrilled to announce that we’re among the top 50 selected in 2022! Read on to learn more about the competition, and some of the products and services that helped TriageLogic secure its spot. History of GrowFL Now in its twelfth annual run, the GrowFL competition was originally conceived by the Edward Lowe Foundation as a unique way to

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