A parent sitting on a couch with their sick child at home calls pediatric telephone triage while checking their child's temperature.

Pediatric Telephone Triage Offers 24/7 Answers for Parents, More Resources for Doctors

As a pediatrician, are you looking for ways to make it easier for new parents to get the guidance they need for their children’s health without overwhelming your practice? With TriageLogic’s pediatric telephone triage services, not only will you give parents and caregivers 24/7 access to commonly asked questions and medical dispositions, but you’ll also free up the time and resources of your internal team. Plus, you could significantly reduce unnecessary ER visits. First, let’s review why pediatricians typically receive more phone calls than primary

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After-hours nurse triage services concept: an abstract digital representation of connected medical data is displayed next to a nurse working on a tablet.

Maximizing Efficiency and Care: The Importance of Integrated Systems in After-Hours Nurse Triage Services

Do your nurses spend a lot of time manually updating medical charts with messages from after-hours calls? Because many after-hours nurse triage services aren’t integrated with the in-house software that medical practices like yours use, this creates the potential for backlogged message intake. Thus, nurses are left with the burden of sorting this information and manually attaching it to patient charts. Not only is this tedious, but it also creates the possibility for information to be omitted or recorded inaccurately.  TriageLogic’s nurse triage software offers

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A patient lying in bed in the dark at home uses their smartphone to call after-hours nurse triage services.

Concerned About Patients Leaving Your Practice? Consider Adding After-Hours Nurse Triage Services

Have you noticed an uptick in patients leaving your practice? It could be the result of poor accessibility and communication. Missed calls, unanswered questions, and the inability to reach a healthcare professional outside of regular hours can prompt them to seek care elsewhere. One effective way to bridge this gap is by implementing after-hours nurse triage services. These provide patients with access to trained nurses 24/7 who can ensure that their concerns are addressed promptly and accurately. Picture the following scenario: a patient starts experiencing

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An older patient rests upright in bed while talking with her caregiver through her laptop. The RPM device she wears to monitor her vitals can not only improve her care, but also boost home healthcare revenue.

Maximize Your Home Healthcare Revenue and Reduce Hospital Readmissions Using Remote Patient Monitoring

Are you a home healthcare agency interested in increasing your revenue while providing stellar patient experience? A remote patient monitoring (RPM) program can increase your monthly profits and reduce the number of patient admissions (and readmissions). Learn how TriageLogic’s comprehensive RPM service and platform enhances home healthcare revenue without any extra requirements from your team.  What Is RPM and How Does It Increase Profit? For those who may not be aware, remote patient monitoring involves providing patients with wearable devices to monitor vital signs such

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Headshot of TriageLogic's CEO, Charu Raheja.

TriageLogic CEO Featured on Inc.’s 2024 Female Founders List

TriageLogic is proud to announce that its CEO, Dr. Charu Raheja, is featured on Inc.’s 2024 Female Founders list. The seventh annual list was released on April 9th and showcases 250 women with notable contributions in their respective fields. For Dr. Raheja, this involved TriageLogic’s development of an intelligent medical scripting system known as MedMessage Assist™. Over 99% Accuracy for Medical Message Intake “We’ve seen how in many medical practices, nonclinical operators are usually the first people who patients interact with when they call in

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A diabetic patient sits on a bed checking their blood glucose level using a wearable sensor as part of a remote patient monitoring program.

Tired of Multiple Phone Calls for One High Blood Sugar? See How Turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring Provides a One-Call Resolution

As a physician, do you feel that your office spends multiple calls trying to assist your diabetic patients with their high blood sugar? Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can remove that burden in three easy steps: (1) a wearable sensor detects high blood sugar and notifies an RPM nurse; (2) the nurse contacts the patient and evaluates them per office protocols; and (3) the nurse refers the patient back to the office for follow-up in a safe time frame, pending their assessment over the phone.  In

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Telehealth nursing concept: a nurse smiles and gestures with her hands while talking with a patient through video conferencing on her computer.

See How Telehealth Nursing Enhances Patient Care and Outcomes

Did you know that for every 100 telehealth nursing calls, you can save about $42,000 in unnecessary ER expenses? Telehealth nursing is a service that offers benefits far beyond traditional health care. We analyzed data over the course of a year and saw how this type of remote engagement was a powerful tool to get patients to the right providers. Here’s a summary of what we learned. Telehealth Nursing Depends on Nurse Triage Telehealth nursing wouldn’t be where it is without effective triage nurses. These

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A white piggy bank surrounded by medical icons and a stethoscope represent the financial implications of a healthcare data breach.

Healthcare Data Breach: What Are the Costs to Your Practice?

Data breaches and ransomware attacks continue to be concerns for health systems and practices of all sizes. They not only compromise sensitive patient information, but also cause significant damage to finances and reputations. Below, we explore what costs could affect your practice in the event of a healthcare data breach, and what you can do to avoid them. The Staggering Costs of Healthcare Data Breaches Healthcare data breaches can have far-reaching consequences for your practice. Consider that the average breach in 2021 resulted in $9.23

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A nurse uses her tablet to review data for an older patient's vitals that were recorded remotely.

Press Release: TriageLogic’s New Ebook Highlights How Technology and Nurses are Improving Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

TriageLogic, a leader in nurse triage and telehealth technology, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest ebook, “Revolutionizing Care: Technology and Telehealth Nurses in Remote Patient Care.” This comprehensive guide explores the evolution of telehealth, the pivotal role that triage nurses have played in the realm of remote care, as well as specific technology solutions that have vastly improved patient engagement. It also offers valuable insight for providers on how they can successfully establish and optimize programs for nurse triage and remote patient

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An older patient uses a laptop to talk with their doctor after scheduling an appointment with telehealth nurse triage.

Improving Patient Care and Satisfaction: 5 Solutions for Telehealth Nurse Triage

Do your triage nurses have a hard time reporting patient symptoms and responding to them in the right order? Fortunately, there are several innovative tools that are available to address these issues and enhance your patient care. Let’s explore five key solutions for telehealth nurse triage. 1. MedMessage Assist™: Enhancing Symptom Reporting Nonclinical operators are usually the first people to assist patient callers long before any telephone triage services. But these operators aren’t usually knowledgeable when it comes to asking about all possible symptoms beyond

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A triage nurse sitting in front of a laptop in a medical office uses a headset to talk with a patient about their symptoms.

What Is Nurse Triage, and How Can It Benefit Your Practice?

Practice efficiency and patient care go hand in hand. One of the key factors that keeps these two in balance is nurse triage. What is nurse triage, and how does it benefit your practice? Below is a high-level overview of this crucial service, and why you should consider outsourcing it. What Is Nurse Triage? Nurse triage — specifically, telephone or telehealth nurse triage — is a form of nursing where trained RNs assess the symptoms of patient callers. They determine the severity of those symptoms

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A group of physicians review automated nurse triage training solutions on a laptop.

Press Release: TriageLogic Announces Innovative “Triage Assist” Solution for Nurse Training and Quality Assurance

Due to budget restrictions, many healthcare organizations, physicians’ practices, and medical call centers are finding it difficult to train new triage nurses and oversee the work of seasoned ones. This is particularly problematic when it comes to evaluating their phone calls with patients: on average, only three to five calls per nurse per month can be screened for accuracy. This is why TriageLogic is proud to announce its new Triage Assist module to solve these training and quality assurance challenges. It does so through a

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