A nonclinical message taker works at the front desk of a medical practice.

Why Don’t Nonclinical Message Takers Have Protocols Like Triage Nurses?

When a patient calls their doctor’s office, the following series of events usually takes place: a nonclinical operator greets the patient and takes a message about why they called; the operator forwards the message to a triage nurse; the triage nurse calls the patient back and uses Schmitt-Thompson protocols to evaluate their symptoms. These protocols use the severity of those symptoms to determine whether the patient can manage them at home, or should be further evaluated by a physician. This all begs the question: why

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A group of nurses from a nurse triage business take a photo together outside.

How to Start — and Grow — Your Nurse Triage Business

Have you recently created a telephone or telehealth nurse triage business, or are you looking to expand one that you currently operate? Doing either may seem difficult, which is why TriageLogic has developed solutions that can help. While these are available for you to read in more detail below, we’d also like to first provide a recap for those who may need one about what exactly nurse triage is, and why it’s so important. What Is Nurse Triage? Nurse triage is a healthcare service where

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Three nurses smile while reviewing data on a tablet that shows nurse productivity and patient care.

Medical Call Center Software That Tracks Nurse Productivity and Patient Care Dispositions

Data is king in today’s health care. Physicians who aim to provide quality care to their patients — and make the best budget-based decisions for their resources — must be able to track and measure a variety of metrics. When looking at the productivity of remote patient care and telephone nurse triage, two of the most critical are nurse triage productivity and patient care dispositions. TriageLogic’s nurse triage software has features that allow providers to easily evaluate these data points in their reporting portal.  Nurse

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Concept for inaccurate medical messages: a stethoscope and judge's gavel represent liability for medical answering services.

What Is the True Cost of Inaccurate Medical Messages?

If you use a medical answering service to manage your patient calls, do you have a means of measuring their accuracy? We ask because the cost of inaccurate medical messages can be substantial when they lead to severe health outcomes for patients. Let’s review why medical answering services need help, what solutions are available, and how you can reduce liability for your organization. Why Medical Answering Services Need Help Medical answering services are often staffed with nonclinical operators who take messages from patient callers and

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Drs. Ravi and Charu Raheja accept an award on stage at GrowFL.

TriageLogic Reflects on 2023 Initiatives Amid GrowFL Celebration

TriageLogic was excited to attend last week’s celebration for GrowFL’s Florida Companies to Watch. As one of the top 50 selected honorees, we’re proud to be recognized as a business that’s projected for significant growth in the coming years, anticipated both in terms of company size and in our product offerings. Read on to learn more about the purpose behind GrowFL, and the powerful initiatives that TriageLogic has in store for 2023. The Purpose of GrowFL The Edward Lowe Foundation conceived of the GrowFL competition

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A nurse wearing scrubs and a stethoscope forms a heart shape out of her hands to support heart health.

Important Tips for Triage Nurses When Addressing Heart Health for Patient Callers

February may be American Heart Month, but it’s an aspect of health care that’s relevant year-round. According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, which means your triage nurses need to know how to address patient callers who are experiencing heart health-related symptoms. Here are our suggestions for the best ways to handle those calls. Use Schmitt-Thompson Protocols Nurses should already be aware of the most common symptoms of a heart attack,

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Healthcare AI concept: A digital silhouette of a human face is shown beside an array of healthcare icons, including a DNA helix, magnifying glass, needle, and pill.

Southern Voices Sees Remarkable Accuracy for Their Medical Answering Services After Adopting an Artificial Intelligence Module to Guide Operators

Every time a patient calls your practice, you want to make sure that their symptoms are noted fully and addressed in the appropriate window of time. However, this may not always happen when they speak with nonclinical operators (those who man front desks or work at medical call centers) because operators may not recognize important follow-up questions to ask based on the symptoms that are being reported by patients. As a result, the triage nurses or medical providers who receive messages from these operators could

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A triage nurse uses AI training software on her laptop.

TriageLogic Announces Nurse Triage AI Training for Hospitals and Organizations

TriageLogic is excited to offer a new, two-week course for triage nurse trainees. It expands on the concepts and procedures touched on briefly in its Learning Center, while incorporating elements of machine learning: a nurse triage AI training simulation that mimics live patient callers. Before explaining how this AI training works, here is a brief overview about nurse triage, and what its core benefits are within the patient-provider relationship. What Is Nurse Triage? When patients call practices and hospitals, they’re often greeted by nonclinical front

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Triage Nurses Can Now Use Secure Chat With Doctors to Improve Patient Care and Efficiency

Traditional HIPAA-secure chat features require doctors to download apps to their phones and then register them before sending and receiving messages. Most of these secure messaging apps also cost anywhere from eight (8) to twelve (12) dollars per doctor on a monthly subscription. TriageLogic has taken a different approach by offering secure texting and chat for free as part of our after-hours nurse triage. Additionally, doctors are not required to download or register any type of app in order to use our chat, and can

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A telehealth triage nurse fills out a checklist on a clipboard for patient care quality.

Press Release: Checklist to Ensure Patient Care Quality in Nurse Telehealth Triage

How do you ensure patient care quality when it comes to nurse telehealth triage? Whether you use an outsourced nurse triage service or you want to license software and use your own team, follow this checklist when addressing each and every patient caller. Not only do these important items minimize liability with remote care, but they also ensure a high quality of care for patients and a decrease in overall healthcare costs. We’ve seen firsthand how successful these items have been in our own nurse triage

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A nonclinical front desk staff member at a practice handles medical answering services over the phone while a doctor talks with a patient sitting in the lobby.

Tips for Medical Answering Services to Improve Agent Satisfaction and Message Intake

Many practices hire nonclinical staff to answer phones and pass along medical messages to nurses and physicians. In addition, companies known as medical answering services may be contracted by doctors’ offices to handle overflow calls during the day, as well as those that come in after business hours. While their work is very beneficial, maintaining these operators can come with a few challenges. Here are three main examples, and tips that your team can use to address them. Staff Turnover You’ve probably heard about shortages

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Remote Nurse Triage

Care News – Winter 2022/2023

Welcome to TriageLogic’s Care News! In this issue, we discuss: Our latest breakthrough in medical scripting using artificial intelligence. Our digital tools to address high call volumes of RSV, flu, and COVID. Our efforts to help the local community. How providers can overcome the challenges of implementing an RPM program. Tips for triage nurses when dealing with difficult patient callers. TL Care Newsletter Letter From Our CEO: Healthcare Technology and Medical Scripting Are Key Drivers for TriageLogic’s Solutions Charu Raheja, Ph.D., TriageLogic CEO Health care

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