The Advantage of Telephone Triage for Patients Who Need Chronic Care

Chronic care management (CCM) involves facilitating care in-between physician office visits for patients with multiple chronic conditions. Care coordination between office visits can help individuals follow their care plan, adhere to their medication regimen, and keep doctor appointments. It can also help identify and pre-empt issues with the potential to turn into health tragedies.

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How Schmitt-Thompson Protocols Help Hospitals and Medical Practices

Telephone triage protocols help triage nurses maintain a quality of care on a consistent basis. They are important for doctors to delegate workloads, standardize procedures, and give nurses decision support. Hospitals can use these protocols to maintain the proper flow for their patients, ensure patients are receiving the correct advice for the symptoms presented, save money, and ultimately save lives.

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Title for TriageLogic's Winter 2019-Spring 2020 Care News

Care News – Summer/Fall 2020

Discover how using nurse triage protocols in conjunction with doctor e-visits improves coordination of care, and allows doctors to safely delegate responsibility to their nurses. You’ll also meet one of TriageLogic’s telephone triage nurses and find out some trends she’s seeing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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