What Are Triage Protocols

What Are Nurse Triage Protocols?

Schmitt-Thompson nurse triage protocols ensure that nurses follow a standardized process when evaluating patients over the phone and recommend the best advice given the symptoms presented by the caller.

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Care News – Summer/Fall 2019

The Summer/Fall 2019 Care News is Here! Care News is TriageLogic’s semi-annual publication highlighting articles on triage software, best practices in nurse triage, new trends in healthcare and recent developments in telemedicine. In this edition, we discuss the ways new technologies are transforming how clinicians deliver healthcare. You’ll also read about TriageLogic’s soon to be released mobile application, My 24/7 Healthcare™, which will connect to wearable devices and engage patients more effectively. You will learn about the benefits of a Nurse Triage Solution for customizing care

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Using Device Data and Nurse Triage to Improve Value Based Care

As our CEO mentioned in her introduction, new technologies are transforming how clinicians deliver health care. At the same time, digital solutions alone are not enough to help patients. Incorporating some human component increases patient compliance and education, thus further reducing health care costs. At TriageLogic®, we are adopting our software and increasing the role of triage nurses to complement traditional care settings.  For example, digital diabetes prevention and treatment platforms connect users with support communities and health coaches who can remotely monitor chronic conditions

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