Improve Nursing Staff Training and Patient Care with myTriageChecklist®

Improve Nursing Staff Training and Patient Care with myTriageChecklist®

For over six years, hundreds doctors’ offices have relied on TriageLogic’s myTriageChecklist® to determine and document the appropriate level of care when their patients call with symptoms. MyTriageChecklist provides a convenient and reliable, web-based solution for offices looking to increase their quality of patient care. Using Schmitt-Thompson, the gold standard for telephone triage, myTriageChecklist helps ensure that nurses ask the right questions and direct patients to the appropriate level of care with each call. Additionally, the software works with existing Electronic Medical Records systems, and can be securely accessed directly from the internet without additional software.

“Patients need to receive the same high quality care, regardless of the person that they speak to. myTriageChecklist ensures consistency of care,” says Medical Director and COO Ravi Raheja, MD.

By streamlining how nurses answer calls, the software helps reduce healthcare costs. These procedures have been shown to decrease the number of unnecessary office visits, while ensuring that patients needing medical attention are properly directed.

TriageLogic has recently overhauled myTriageChecklist. This upgrade keeps all the benefits our doctors and nurses have come to rely on, while adding a brand new look with enhanced features. The site now has a modern look and feel, while maintaining our intuitive and efficient triage process. The system also allows the nurse to email or text care advice to the patients for reference after the call. An important feature, as patients become more involved in their healthcare management.

Here’s a look at the new myTriageChecklist:

How it works

  1. The patient calls—a nurse enters symptom “keywords” to quickly access correct protocol.
  2. The nurse uses the Schmitt-Thompson based protocol checklist to ask all the right questions and directs the patient to appropriate level of care.
  3. As the nurse handles the call, the telephone triage system documents all the details—it’s that easy.

The protocols provide a standardized approach for triaging patients. With clear guidelines to follow and a simple step-by-step process, each patient receives a thorough assessment. Using the protocols prevents errors and ensures that every patient is treated with the same level of care. Schmitt-Thompson protocols provide coverage for pediatric, adult, and women’s health concerns. Telephone triage protocols are also a great training tool for new nurses, helping them get up to speed with minimal time investment from senior nursing staff.

This software is easy to set up. Nursing staff can download and start using myTriageChecklist telephone triage software in 30 minutes or less. No hardware or IT support needed. This software also comes backed by TriageLogic’s training and support for your staff.

If you are interested in finding out how TriageLogic can help your office, contact us today for a free live demo.

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