Triage Nurse Case Study: Protocol and Disposition for a Crying Newborn

As most people know, a nurse triage line is an important resource to help parents navigate early childhood.  Still, it is sometimes difficult for parents to understand when calling a triage nurse is necessary for the safety of their children. In this article, we detail a case study for a call during the evening shift from a concerned mother for her 6-week-old baby. Her child

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Emergency Symptoms Most Commonly Missed by Adults – A Review of Triage Nurse Calls

Triage nurses use Schmitt-Thompson protocols to determine which symptoms are serious. However, sometimes symptoms that patients don’t think are serious, such as headache or chest pains, might actually require emergency medical assistance due to their severity. By following protocols, nurses can catch early warning signs of more critical conditions and direct patients to the ER when necessary. When deciding on a course of action for

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How Telephone Nurse Triage Actually Works

How does telephone nurse triage actually work? This is a common question we receive when implementing a nurse triage system. In this article, we cover the entire phone triage process from when a patient calls a nurse, to when a nurse relays the information back to the doctor. There are five steps in our URAC accredited health call center process. Nurses ensure that all callers

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The 5 levels of Telephone Nurse Triage

When a telephone triage nurse evaluates a patient, she has to properly evaluate the severity of the symptoms presented to determine the correct disposition. TriageLogic nurses use Schmitt-Thompson protocols to guide them into asking the right questions, properly document information, and give patients an accurate disposition for the most appropriate level of care.  There are 5 levels of telephone triage dispositions: Call 911, go to

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Demographics of Patients with Urgent Symptoms in a Nurse Triage Center

We studied data from 230,000 telephone calls from our nurse triage call center from January-
October 2020. Nurses ensured that all callers received standardized, high-quality care by using
guided symptom-based protocols written by Doctors Schmitt and Thompson. During each call
we collected information about the patient’s demographics, the triage protocol used by the nurse,
and the patient’s disposition. Patients were also asked whether or not they were planning to go to
the emergency room (ER) prior to calling a nurse. In this article we focus on the callers that
ended up in the ER and their demographics.

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Nurse Triage Explains COVID-19 Vaccine Protocols

The COVID-19 vaccine is here, and a new virus with a new vaccine means new protocols for triage nurses. Triage nurses play an important role in times like these; many patients have questions about the vaccine and if what they are feeling after receiving it is normal. A couple of COVID-19 vaccines require two shots spread apart to be effective, though there are new vaccines which only requires one. In this article, we’ll tell you about the new triage COVID-19 vaccine Schmitt-Thompson vaccine protocols, and what kind of outcomes to expect.

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Insurance and RPM

How Insurance Reimbursements Makes Remote Patient Monitoring Profitable for Healthcare Organizations

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged healthcare organizations and physicians to adopt remote healthcare more readily — from telehealth visits to remote patient monitoring (RPM). The need to care for patients efficiently from their homes and to assess a potential serious health problem has ushered in the future of the industry. This improves patient outcomes and decreases morbidity and mortality. Reimbursement from commercial and government health

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Mental Health and Nurse Triage Calls During COVID-19

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 53% of American adults estimated that the COVID pandemic had a negative effect on their mental health. Looking at the data that we’ve collected during the pandemic from our nurse triage service, we begin to see a clear picture. In this article, we deep dive into the data that show us how COVID cases have impacted collective mental health.

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Remote Nurse Triage

Care News – Spring 2021 – Lessons From the Pandemic, Triaging Tips, and Covid Data E-Book

In this issue of Care News, you’ll hear from our CEO Dr. Charu Raheja about the lessons we’ve learned from COVID and how we plan to move forward. You will also hear from our Medical Director Dr. Ravi Raheja about the exciting new world of remote patient monitoring. Along with a few words from our new partnership with Analog Devices, you will be updated on important information in the remote nurse triage world!

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TriageLogic CEO Charu Raheja

From the CEO: The 2020 Pandemic and Lessons for Healthcare

Through 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, TriageLogic has been assessing data. This data included patient symptoms, attitudes, and outcomes both in general as well as specific to COVID-19. Our goal was to share what we observed with the healthcare industry. We observed how patient behavior was impacted by breaking news and the media, and how education changed caller behavior.

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