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Patient Calls to Nurse Triage During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased telemedicine visits as patients and doctors try to stop the spread of infection. The CDC reports that telemedicine visits increased by more than 50% during the first months of the pandemic. Triage nurses can work closely with doctors to provide a safe and effective way to direct patients to the appropriate level of care and help save lives.

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New Learning Center Course: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) – The Costs and Benefits of RPM and How to Implement a Successful Program

Triage Logic has a new triage nurse learning center course available on remote patient monitoring (RPM). The course explores the following: a. What is RPM; b. the benefits of an RPM system to both the patient and the provider; and c. how can doctor offices implement a program with minimum staff time by using both clinical and non-clinical contact centers.

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Is it the Flu or COVID-19? How to Tell the Difference

As the flu begins to spread alongside COVID-19, it is more important than ever to understand the differences between the viruses and what to do if you suspect you have been infected. Careful action and preventive measures can help keep you and others safe and reduce the burden on health systems.

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