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Course 2: What Are Schmitt Thompson Protocols and How To Use Them?

The focal point of this course is Schmitt-Thompson protocols and how to use them. It is important to have an understanding of clinical protocols and how to utilize them adequately because they help ensure a patient’s safety with the highest level of care. Each of the videos listed in Course 2 dive deeper into telephone nurse triage. They will take a closer look at how to use the triage protocol guidelines and become a more efficient telephone triage nurse. 

Through this series of videos, you will learn about the 10 critical steps to a triage call and how protocols are a part of this process. Learning about the 10 critical steps will prepare you for all stages of a triage call, from the initial assessment to giving your patient care advice. These steps are important for making sure that calls are properly documented and that patients are directed to the most appropriate level of care.

Upon completing this course you should be able to:

  • Describe Schmitt-Thompson protocols and their use in telephone nurse triage.
  • Summarize and employ the 10 critical steps to a triage call.
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with your patient to collect necessary information and give care advice.
  • Use protocols to complement nursing experience in order to direct patients to the appropriate level of care.
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