What are the Critical Steps to a Triage Call?

There are 10 critical steps to a successful triage call. This video lesson introduces you to the 10 step process and the significance of each step. Following the outlined steps is important because it ensures that the call is properly documented and that you collect any critical information you need to treat the patient in case they have a serious medical condition. Understanding the steps will also make sure that you can properly address the most dangerous symptoms, answer the patient’s concern, and give care advice relevant to the current triage. 

In this video you will learn proper etiquette in a telephone triage call, from setting the tone and introducing yourself, all the way to ending the call. The video will present the 10 critical steps and prepare you to execute them with confidence. You will learn the key points to include in each step and phrases that you can use to communicate effectively with patients. Following these steps will make certain that your patients are getting the appropriate care they need.

Upon completing this video, you should achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand what information to gather during the call.
  • Learn the essential steps to triage a call appropriately.
  • Ensure that patients feel their questions are being answered and they are being heard.
  • Understand the proper steps to stay within the scope of nursing.
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