What are Triage Protocols and How to Use Them?

Triage Nurses use guided protocols to evaluate patients over the phone. These protocols are written by Dr. Schmitt for pediatrics and Dr. Thompson for adult patients. They cover over 99% of all common symptoms and are considered the industry standard protocols.

This video provides an introduction to what are triage protocols are and how they are used by a triage nurse to help patients. The lesson teaches the importance of triage and provides information on the historic origins of telephone triage. By watching this video, you will gain a better understanding of what protocols are, how protocols are used in telephone triage, and the different types of protocols that nurses use.

Protocols are written by doctors and they are a set of algorithms that allow the nurse to ask standardized questions and give consistent care advice to patients. Telephone triage nurses use protocols when assessing their patients. This helps ensure that the information they are providing is standardized and that patients are receiving the most appropriate level of care. The protocols also guide nurses to document patient symptoms and focus on the most important symptoms to determine the best level of care for the patient

The video focuses on Schmitt-Thompson protocols because they are the most widely used in modern call centers in electronic format. Schmitt-Thompson telephone protocols are symptom based. The goal of the protocols is not to diagnose the patient, but rather to assess the patient’s symptoms and direct them to the appropriate level of care based on the severity of those symptoms. These protocols are comprehensive, meaning that they cover over 99% of all symptoms. In addition to information on Schmitt-Thompson protocols, the video also provides an overview of some features of an advanced nurse triage system. These features include secure texting to the doctor, smartphone apps to patients, direct integration with EMR, and more.

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