Your Culture, Your Resources

Frustrated with Communication?

Enhance Communication and Make Information Seamless

With an evolving workforce, companies need tools to engage and communicate with members. Smart Touch Connect provides a combination of mobile platform and live nurses to help members understand and utilize company resources and decrease healthcare cost. All customized for your company.

Save Management Time

Work smarter not harder. Increase access to the right resources at the right time, regardless of location. Customize to fit your company’s culture, look, and needs.

Empower members with easy access to resources

Elevate your employee communication and help your team with the right tools to be successful.

Save on healthcare expenses

Free 24/7 access to live nurses who evaluate symptoms, educate members and remind them about benefits available including telehealth visits.

Smart Touch Connect provides a seamless mobile platform to help members understand and utilize the resources available to them.

Smart Touch Connect brings out the best in your team

  • All your resources in one convenient, easy-to-use, customizable app
    • Access to nurses and telehealth
    • Online access to critical forms and procedures
    • Health, dental and vision benefit information and support
    • 401(k) participation
    • Safety checklists and manuals
    • Training videos and educational resources
    • Newsletters

Improve Communication and Engagement Push notifications

Create targeted messages – Increase visibility and lead people to a call-to-action or link.

Include links to videos and other company tutorials.

Send messages to specific groups or segments. The platform even has the ability to send individual push notifications.

Analyze campaign effectiveness with results from push with our data analytics.

In-app messages

As an administrator, you can create messages in the mobile app dashboard.

No need to create a separate webpage for important company messages.

STC’s administrative tools gives you valuable insight into your employees like never before

Create Events

  • Create and track events for employees
  • Ability for employees to respond and add to their calendars

Track your app usage and engagement. Get insight on which wellness resources, productivity tools, and messages your employees open and spend time with.

Data analytics gives you in-depth understanding of your employees’ preferences and behaviors:

  • What products are popular?
  • Which products are being underutilized
  • Should you send a push message reminder?
  • Details of user behavior available.

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Corporations are often faced with rising health care expenses, low employee usage of paid wellness resources, and over-stretched HR directors. Since their employees are already digital, companies are realizing that they need to make their resources readily available at all times.

This White Paper discusses in detail how a manufacturing company transformed their communication to employees about health, wellness and worker safety with access to live trusted nurses and a mobile application. Within a year, they experienced an overall 8% reduction in healthcare spending by having 24/7 access to Live Nurse Health Ambassadors.