Empower Employees with Easy access to Resources

A common complaint among employees is that there are too many  resources available, and it is difficult to understand which resources are relevant. In addition, a lot of the resources listed in an HR website that is difficult to navigate and not used frequently. Smart Touch Connect empowers employees with a combination of technology and human help. Our technology solution makes it easy for employees to access resources that matter to them on their smartphones.

We provide the following solutions:

  1. Give employees 24/7 Access to a Health Ambassadors to talk to and ask questions

Our Health Ambassador Program empowers employees with free resources to evaluate their symptoms.

2. Tailor the resources to specific users

Do you have a separate program for employees over the age of 50 or for women only or do you provide a menu of plans and resources for employees to select from and choose what applies to them?

Either way, our solution allows employers to tailor to employee groups and improves access to these resources. Best of all, we will do all the work for you. You tell us what resources you are using, and we will organize and give them to your employees.

3. Empower with employees with easy access to information on their mobile phones and devices.  

Smart Touch Connect gives employees all the resources relevant to them in their smartphones. Our HR directors were surprised to find that even older workers were engaging with Smart Touch Connect and the workers reported that the Smart Touch Connect mobile app made them more productive and empowered.  On-the-field workers were able to cut down on accidents by having easy to access checklists on their Smart Touch Connect mobile app.

For more information about empowering employees, improving access to resources and driving employee engagement, contact us at info@triagelogic.com.

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