Save Management Time

The ever-increasing amount of technology, checklist, and resources for an employee can make the workload for HR managers and COOs overwhelming. Add to the mix, the fact that many employeestoday work remotely or on-the-road, and communication and engagement becomes a challenge for many companies. Smart Touch Connect addresses the needs of your employees byempowering them with their answers, and at the same time, decreasing your workload in educating and engaging employees with your company resources and encouraging behavioral changes to save unnecessary healthcare expenses and address your company culture.

How do You Save Time?

Smart Touch Connect enables you to share all the information and resources that your staff frequently asks you in one easy to access the mobile application. Not only does it cut down on questions, but it can also be customized for different employee groups to focus on the resources that they need the most.

When you sign up for Smart Touch Connect, our team will work with you to:

  • Create a custom dashboard to manage employee experience, engagement, and communication
  • Deploy your company app within days
  • Reconfigure the app as your resources change
  • Provide ongoing support

Promote Company Culture

Increase productivity and employee loyalty by promoting your company’s focus on health and company resources.

“I love being able to send messages to only those employees who have not gotten their PTO done and then check the open rates and completion in the dashboard. I am a lot more productive now.”

Here are some of the benefits observed by HR Executives using Smart Touch Connect:

1. Better employee communication

Smart Touch Connect can be implemented across the organization, and different features can be added for different teams to address the business needs specific to a function or department. This helps eliminate potential misunderstandings resulting from lack of information exchange. Companies also use the platform to engage their staff with the company culture and encourage behaviors. Whether it is time to sign up for benefits, PTO, or it is a reminder of a company-wide event, the information can be easily relayed to staff using a resource that is at their finger-tips.  

2. Better compliance with company procedures and policy

All companies have tasks that people need to perform to do their jobs. This can include, for example, safety checklists, timekeeping, and even access to your Employee Handbook.  Smart Touch Connect makes it easy for staff to access those checklists of reference manuals even when they are on the go or traveling. For example one of our customers observed a 20% drop on accidents in one unit after placing their checklist on Smart Touch Connect.

3. More accessible education about the more appropriate use of health care

Employers all over the country are implementing health and wellness initiatives. However, a challenge is that employees often do not know how to access them. As a result, a lot of HR executive time is spent educating and communicating with employees about the resources available to them and how to access those resources.  Smart Touch Connect uses a combination of technology and live support to make it easy for employees to find the resources that are best for them and take charge of their health. As one HR director commented, “I am no longer answering basic questions on how to access the company resources, and instead I am focusing on real health and wellness issues and program to help my employees.”

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