Save on Company Healthcare Expenses

As employers all over the country are seeing, healthcare expenses have soared. Smart Touch Connect works by first focusing on helping employers find some of the low hanging fruit to cut down costs and then looking for additional resources to increase savings further. As a result, our customers have saved over ten times their investment in Smart Touch Connect in their first year alone.

We start with the following solutions:

  1. Live Nurses Decrease Unnecessary ER Visits 

Data from our centers has proven that over 65% of ER visits are unnecessary. Our Nurse Health Ambassador Program empowers employees with free resources to evaluate their symptoms. Nurses provide both immediate guidance with health symptoms, encourage usage of less expensive options, and educate on long term wellness.

      2. Ease Access to Current Company Resources

A common complaint from employees is how difficult it can be to find information and navigate through all the resources available to them. Add to this the fact that many companies now have remote employees and not all resources apply to all team members; finding the right resource for employees becomes even more complicated. Our Health Ambassadors and technical solutions address these issues.

Do you have a separate program for employees over the age of 50 or different programs in different company locations? Either way, our solution allows employers to tailor to employee groups and improves access to these resources.

Best of all, we will do all the work for you. Simply tell us what resources you use and we will organize and give them to your employees.

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