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Course 1: Creating a Positive Call Experience for You and Your Patients During a Nurse Triage Call

Course 1 focuses on creating a positive experience for both the triage nurse and patients. As a telephone triage nurse, not every patient or call will be the same. The content in this course has been tailored to help prepare you for the variety of different calls that you may experience. After finishing this course, you will be better prepared to ensure a more positive experience for both you and the patient.

There are three video lessons in this course. Each video lesson provides vital information about the phone call experience you will have with different patients. The first video provides a general overview of working with patients. This video covers general skills and preparation that you will need for every call, such as setting up a proper work environment and becoming an effective listener.

The second video lesson will teach you how to manage difficult calls. You will learn about the different types of difficult calls. The video will cover how to manage these callers and treat patients with compassion and understanding even when they are difficult.

Finally, the third video will cover managing uncomfortable situations. There may be times when a triage nurse encounters situations such as abuse, worried callers, and other uncomfortable situations. The third video will help you prepare for these situations, learn how to best help callers, and identify when it is appropriate to contact the physician or your supervisor.

TriageLogic only takes triage calls from established patients with a practice. However, in the case of hospital and community lines, we accept every triage call.

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