Working With Patients for Triage Nurses

“Working With Patients” is a welcome video that introduces you into the training program. The goal of this video is to equip you with the information needed to prepare yourself for taking patient calls and empower you to become a more efficient telephone triage nurse.

The video will begin with a section on setting up a positive work environment. The key to being prepared to take triage calls is making sure you get rid of distractions and have all of your equipment in order. Setting up a positive environment also begins with your mindset. Patience, positivity, and confidence are all important for creating a positive call experience for both you and the patient. It is important that you remain calm and professional at all times on the call.

The video will also cover effective listening and how to employ it on a triage call. Effective listening involves three skills: active listening, reflective listening, and empathic listening. Active listening is using short, encouraging words or phrases to let the caller know you are listening to them. Reflective listening includes paraphrasing what the caller said and asking clarifying questions. Reflective listening also requires encouraging the caller to talk by asking open-ended questions and not providing opinions. Finally, empathic involves providing attention to what the caller feels.

All three listening skills are required to be an effective listener and create a positive call experience for the patient. The video will go over examples of all of these skills and teach you phrases that you can practice to employ these skills with confidence.

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