How To Handle Uncomfortable Situations for Triage Nurses

“How to Handle Uncomfortable Situations,” offers an in-depth look at scenarios, such as abuse and neglect, worried callers, unauthorized callers, and many others, that a triage nurse will most likely encounter. Not only does this lesson get you ready for uncomfortable moments, but it also points out the best strategies on how to assist those patients.

There are four difficult situations that you may encounter:

  • Calls about neglect.
  • Complicated medical or psychosocial issues.
  • Very worried callers.
  • Communication issues.

This video will discuss how to react in each of these situations. You will learn strategies for communicating with the patient, such as using reflective listening and asking open-ended issues. In addition to communication, the video will discuss when and how to follow the protocols. In some situations, such as when there are no protocols available, you may have to contact the physician or your supervisor.

When working as a telephone triage nurse, you may also at times get calls from unauthorized callers. Examples of unauthorized callers are callers who are not the actual patient or minors. The proper way to handle these situations depends on the circumstances. The video lesson will guide you through how to follow the protocols even in the case of unauthorized callers, prioritizing patient care, and when it’s appropriate to contact the physician.

Finally, as a triage nurse, you may encounter repeat or acute callers. A repeat caller is a caller who calls more than twice in a week. An acute caller is a caller that calls more than once about the same complaint within 24 hours. In the case of repeat and acute callers, it is important to recognize that something serious may be going on. The video will guide you through using reflective listening to diagnose the patient’s condition and how to refer them to their physician if you cannot find anything wrong.

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