Let Us Help You Manage Your Patient Calls

Telephone triage software and services offer you peace of mind that your patients are staying with your organization and being sent to the most appropriate level of care to address their needs. You deserve a software and service that is designed by doctors with decades of experience in managing a clinical call center. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Our triage nurses and disease-specific protocols make it easy to implement your patient monitoring program.

Our URAC-accredited registered nurses will effectively triage your patient calls 24 hours a day, using Schmitt-Thompson protocols and your customized orders.

Our web-based software ensures nurses ask the right questions and document. Live training and robust reporting.

How We Partner in Your Patient Care

Healthcare organizations worry about ensuring medical symptoms are not missed and that patient calls get documented and the patient is sent to the appropriate level of care.

You deserve expertise, reliability, and compassion that exceeds your expectations of medical professionals


Do you want to make sure your nurses give appropriate care advice to address patient symptoms while documenting each call? Learn More About Daytime Patient Calls>>

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Hospitals and Medical Centers

Do you want to decrease unnecessary ER visits and ensure your patients receive the appropriate level of care? Learn More About After Hours Nurse Triage>> 

Do you want an easy to use software for nurses to take and document patient phone calls while utilizing custom doctor orders? Learn More About MyTriageChecklist>>

Do you want a mobile app that provides patients with access to your doctors and a patient portal? Learn More About My24/7 Healthcare>>

Health Plans

Do you want to educate your callers and decrease healthcare expenses while providing patients better care advice? Learn More About Nurse Triage>>

Do you want to provide your nurses with an easy to use software that allows them to document the call and address patient symptoms? Learn More About Nurse Triage Software>>


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Telephone triage protocols help triage nurses maintain a quality of care on a consistent basis. They are important for doctors to delegate workloads, standardize procedures, and give nurses decision support. Hospitals can use these protocols to maintain the proper flow for their patients, ensure patients are receiving the correct advice for the symptoms presented, save money, and ultimately save lives.

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