cropped nurse on phone

Introduction to Telephone Nurse Triage

This introductory course offers an overview of telephone nurse triage. In this course you will learn about what nurse triage is, how nurse triage functions in the healthcare system, and the roles that telephone triage nurses play in patient care. The course will provide an overview of the telephone triage process, including the protocol system and the stages of a triage call. You will learn what protocols are and how they are used to help remote telephone triage nurses diagnose patients and make sure they are referred to the appropriate level of care. 

In addition to an overview of the role of a telephone triage nurse, the course will also cover the skills required to effectively triage patients. It is important that telephone triage nurses have excellent assessment and communication skills. The course will cover skills for interacting with patients, such as effective communication and the ability to remain calm and confident in difficult situations.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define telephone triage.
  • Describe the practice settings and primary populations that utilize telephone triage.
  • Describe the steps of a triage call.
  • Understand the protocol system and how triage nurses make decisions.  
  • Summarize the qualifications and expert nursing functions of telephone triage nurses.
  • Identify the communication skills telephone triage nurses require to care for patients.