Introduction to Nurse Triage

This lesson will introduce you to nurse triage. Triage is the process of determining patient care.
Triage systems are often used in physician offices to determine which patients need immediate care. Triage is also used by nurses working in hospitals to organize their patient load and by telephone triage nurses to assess their callers and determine the appropriate level of care.

Nurse triage is the process of early assessment of patients by a trained nurse. Nurse triage ensures that patients are referred to the appropriate level of care without a delay in treatment. In this course you will cover various topics about telephone nurse triage, such as its history and how it’s currently used in the medical field.

This introductory lesson will also include a review of the nursing process, how telephone triage nurses make decisions, and the skills required to be an effective telephone triage nurse. The lesson will cover the four stages of a telephone triage call: assessment, diagnosis, planning and intervention, and evaluation. It will also provide an introduction to the protocol system, which provides a basis for how triage nurses make decisions about the most appropriate disposition for their patients. Protocols are important because telephone triage nurses working remotely may talk to a variety of patients each day with different symptoms. In addition to protocols, the course will cover the skills required for telephone triage. While protocols are the foundation of a telephone triage call, it is also important that telephone triage nurses have excellent assessment skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in order to properly care for patients.

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