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TriageLogic’s Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja Talks About Measles Outbreak on College Campuses and the New Schmitt and Thompson Protocols Available

New protocols have been released by Dr. Bart Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson for telephone triage nurses specifically for patients that have been diagnosed or have suspected measles or have been exposed to measles. The two new protocols cover scenarios where patients have been diagnosed or have suspected measles or have been exposed to measles.

The guidelines provide telephone triage nurses with a consistent and methodological approach to callers who have questions.

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TriageLogic CEO Recognized for Leadership and Health Technology

Founder and CEO TriageLogic and Continuwell, Dr. Charu Raheja, was recently named one of the Top 35 Women Igniting Success in Jacksonville by the Buzz Media Group. The award honors women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run. The award was presented by Snowden McFall, President of Fired Up and Dawn Gilam from Changing Homelessness.

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“TriageLogic provided the technology platform and expertise to assist them in getting the telephone triage program up and running.”

“Jacksonville company launches telemedicine product designed to cut costs to businesses.”

“Over 80 percent of patients who call in to their physician’s office may not need urgent care, but they all urgently need empathy, someone to listen, and someone to care.”

“The goal of every triage call is to make patients feel comfortable and heard.”

“Multnomah County Health Department has found that overall patients like the new process.”

“By using TriageLogic’s call center platform, Intermountain can give patients 24/7 access to a telehealth nurse.”


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