Post Discharge Follow-Up With Nurse Triage

When a patient gets discharged after a hospital visit, one of the many factors that can contribute to higher readmission rates, longer recovery times and overall lower quality of patient satisfaction is inability to follow or remember discharge instructions.

By offering continued care after patient discharge with nurse triage for your patients, you will:

  • Decrease ER readmission rates
  • Ensure continuity of care
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Help patients avoid unnecessary ER visits
  • Increase patient compliance with instructions

Post Discharge Follow-Up

During post discharge follow-up, Registered Nurses perform outbound calls to follow up with patients after a hospital visit and review instructions. In addition our nurses are on call 24/7 to speak to your patients, evaluate their symptoms and send follow-up to doctor’s offices.

We Deliver Trusted Clinical Care

Founded by board Certified pediatrician, Ravi K. Raheja, MD and Charu Raheja, PhD, TriageLogic is a leading provider of quality patient care over the phone. TriageLogic provides patient call solutions to over 9,000 doctors within the United States and has taken over 1 million patient phone calls over the last 10 years.

What Makes Us Different

In comparison to other patient follow-up models, we have the most innovative technology and comprehensive system for your patient care. We are currently expanding our technology to allow for screen sharing and two-way video during patient/ nurse encounters. With this ability we walk patients through their instructions on first contact and are able to show patients the discharge portion of your website for their future reference. Our nurses, then, send an email to the patient to ensure patient follow-through. Our nurses also remain available for the patients 24/7 should any symptoms or questions arise.

How our outbound calls work:

1. Patient discharged from hospital

2. Person doing discharge faxes discharge instructions, MD follow-up, and nurse instructions

3. TriageLogic uploads information and creates outbound call

4. Nurse calls and reviews discharge instructions

5. Nurse has option to do a video call, share screen to review instructions, co-browse

6. Call encounter gets faxed to Primary Care Physician

7. 24/7 toll free nurse triage hot line available for questions or symptoms


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