Mobile Technology for Your Patients

Any time the patient has a medical symptom or question, they can request a call-back from their office no matter the time of day. Our technology is advanced enough to route calls to the office staff during the day. After hours, the callers requiring medical attention are sent securely to the after-hours nurse triage call center. The organization’s call center nurse (or outsourced triage service) can triage the patient and direct them to the organization’s preferred urgent care or emergency room if the nurse feels as though the symptoms are severe enough.


Provide 24/7 access to a nurse through a single app

Direct patients to preferred locations and resources

Promote patient access of your existing EMR

How it works

Patient requests a call from a nurse using the app

The app routes the call to the office nurse or the after hours nurse depending on the time of day

The office nurse or triage service calls the patient back

Saves time. Saves money. Gives patients 24/7 access.

The patient is able to access the office no matter the time of day.

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