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Nurse on phoneRaheja, Ravi and Teri Coutu: “Schmitt-Thompson Protocols: Using the Gold Standard in Telephone Triage,” Apr 2013.

More than 30 years ago, doctors Bart Schmitt and David Thompson began development of a decision support protocol program. This article explains the Drs. Schmitt and Thompson’s amazing contribution to the health industry that changed the way telephone medicine is handled forever.

Nursing HomeRaheja, Ravi and Teri Coutu: “Increasing Efficiency and Care in Nursing Homes using Nurse Triage Solutions,” Apr 2013.

According to a 2012 report by The American Health Care Association, there are more than 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S., housing more than 1.4 million residents. (AHCA, 2012) How can we provide quality, standardized care, while also minimizing the strain on healthcare resources?

Dr. Ravi Raheja on Custom OrdersTriageLogic Announces Customized Triage Orders Feature for Providing Quality Patient Care, Mar 6, 2013

TriageLogic announces a feature that allows health care practices to customize how nurses advise patients. With this technology, once the nurse has used the standardized protocols to determine the appropriate level of care, they can then follow tailored instructions based on the care and advice their physicians would give to patients.

Nurse Triage: Evolution of a Solution, Mar 2013.

This article briefly follows the origin and evolution of the nurse triage system.

Doctor's MeetingCustom Orders Improve Nurse Triage Experience for Physicians and their Patients, Feb 2013

Many people have commented to me that getting doctors to agree on anything is like herding cats together. There are several reasons why physicians behave the way they do. In spite of all the advances in technology, medicine is still an art as much as a science. Physicians depend on their training, the patient’s history and clinical data to come up with the best care plan. However, underlying all of this, physicians must rely on their instincts that have been honed from years of hard work and experience.

Nurse TriageWhat is Telephone Nurse Triage? Aug 13, 2012.

When people have health concerns, particularly during the night, they may seek care from an Emergency Room because they are not sure about the severity of their or their loved one’s condition. Telephone nurse triage is a system by which trained nurses help patients with health concerns over the telephone before the patients go to the doctor’s office or emergency room.

Should You Invest in Nurse Triage Software for Your Practice? Questions to Ask Day-time Protocol Vendors. Aug 6, 2012.

A nurse triage system is a basic first step in helping practices manage patient phone calls and decrease overall care costs. This article focuses on practices interested in setting up a nurse triage system for their office.

Office triage teamThree components to improving your office telephone triage system, May 2012

We have found that the most effective ways to improve the customer service experience are by using a call back system, giving realistic timelines and training the staff. Having a live, non-clinical staff person answer the phone helps patients feel heard, and they will not feel the need to call back. Patients do not like to leave voicemails or stay on hold for long periods of time.

Ashford Publishing RadioDr. Ravi Raheja on How to Standardize the Management of Patient Phone Calls in Large Medical Organizations (an Ashford Public Radio interview), Apr 2012.

A summary of Ashford Radio’s interview of Dr. Ravi Raheja on how to standardize the management of patient phone calls in large medical organizations. Includes the radio clip.

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