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Patient Symptoms and Outcomes eBook
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Patient Symptoms and Outcomes


This e-book is written for hospitals, doctors and Triage Call Centers. When people have health concerns, particularly when practices are closed, they may seek care at an emergency room (ER) because they are not sure about the severity of their own or their loved one’s symptoms. Alternatively, many chose to stay home and ignore their symptoms until they become life-threatening.

Telephone nurse triage is a system in which trained nurses use standardized protocols to evaluate symptoms over the phone and determine the appropriate course of action for the callers. They prevent unnecessary ER visits and direct patients to the appropriate care for their symptoms. Over 4 in every 10 patient callers are given home care advice by the nurse that requires no further follow up by a medical professional.

This e-book on patient symptoms and outcomes provides a guideline for practices and hospitals about caller demographics, main symptoms, and outcomes for patients. It provides a reference tool for typical calls and a guide for managers when training triage nurses. Doctors and other medical providers can also use the contents of this e-book to educate their patients on when to call a triage nurse.

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