Care News – Summer/Fall 2019

Care News – Summer/Fall 2019

The Summer/Fall 2019 Care News is Here!

Care News is TriageLogic’s semi-annual publication highlighting articles on triage software, best practices in nurse triage, new trends in healthcare and recent developments in telemedicine. In this edition, we discuss the ways new technologies are transforming how clinicians deliver healthcare. You’ll also read about TriageLogic’s soon to be released mobile application, My 24/7 Healthcare™, which will connect to wearable devices and engage patients more effectively.

You will learn about the benefits of a Nurse Triage Solution for customizing care for patient populations, as well as, the role of telephone triage nurses in delivering value based care.

We have also been in the news – featured on Jacksonville’s News Channel 4, Ignite Success with Snowden McFall, and our CEO was named one of the Top 35 Women Igniting Success by the Buzz Media Group. You can find all of these exciting stories below in the section TriageLogic In The News.


CEO Summer 2019 Update – Dr. Charu Raheja

Letter from the Medical Director
– Dr. Ravi Raheja

Dr. Ravi Raheja, Medical Director of TriageLogic, Leads the Conversation in Remote Patient Monitoring

TriageLogic is leading the conversation on remote patient monitoring (RPM) as the healthcare industry pivots from expensive, in-office visits to efficient, device oriented care. Arch Healthcare, a company which helps organizations develop strategic and actionable provider network development plans, has published an article written by medical director Ravi Raheja, MD.

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Article Highlights

Customizing Care for Patient Populations with a Nurse Triage System

Patients today have more options than ever to receive care outside of their primary care – if they even have one. Having more options may seem like a good thing, however many times the consumer is confused about the best care to address their symptoms. In the process, they end up either over-utilizing services or underestimating serious medical symptoms, creating both a drain to the healthcare system as well as possible threat to their lives.

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TriageLogic In The News

TriageLogic’s Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja Talks About Measles Outbreak on College Campuses and the New Schmitt and Thompson Protocols Available 

Our Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja was recently interviewed by Jacksonville Television News Channel 4 to discuss the current outbreak of measles on college campuses. Triage nurses should be prepared to receive some of these calls and need to be well informed on how to answer questions about the illness. New protocols have been released by Dr. Bart Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson for telephone triage nurses specifically for patients that have been exposed, diagnosed or have suspected measles. The guidelines provide telephone triage nurses with a consistent and methodological approach to callers who have questions about the infection.

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TriageLogic CEO Recognized for Leadership and Health Technology 

Dr. Charu Raheja, founder and CEO of TriageLogic and Continuwell, was recently named one of the Top 35 Women Igniting Success in Jacksonville by the Buzz Media Group. The award honors women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run. The award was presented by Snowden McFall, President of Fired Up and Dawn Gilam from Changing Homelessness.

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Dr. Charu Raheja Featured on Ignite Success with Snowden McFall of the Buzz Media Group 

What happens if you had a medical emergency in the middle of the night, and you desperately needed to talk to a doctor or nurse right away? Dr. Charu Raheja answers this important question in a recent feature of Ignite Success, hosted by Snowden McFall. In the interview, Dr. Raheja talks about her company, TriageLogic, and how it solves this problem and many more. TriageLogic helps patients when their doctors’ offices are closed, saves unnecessary health expenses, such as keeping them out of the ER, and improves overall care by informing them when immediate assistance is needed.

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Using Telephone Triage to Detect Early Signs of the Measles and Prevent Future Exposure 

Our Medical Director, Dr. Ravi Raheja was also recently interviewed to discuss the current outbreak of measles around the country. In the interview, Dr. Raheja talks about how measles is transmitted, symptoms of the virus, and who should be vaccinated. You’ll be surprised (and relieved!) to learn how many measles cases actually turn deadly.

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