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Option 1 – The Complete Package:

  • Simply purchase TriageLogic Call Center Solution.
  • OUR team will install the software on your server – exclusive to TriageLogic.
  • After installation and initial testing your IT department can maintain the server.
  • We provide free updates, and our support staff is available to answer any questions that may arise during software use or maintenance.
  • Users will enjoy our complete range of tools and resources as outlined in our software description.

Option 2 – The Complete Hosted Package:

  • This comprehensive package provides all the software features of our Complete Package and is a fully hosted and maintained solution with 24/7 IT support.
  • All data is encrypted and stored in secure, state-of-the-art data centers, geographically separated for disaster recovery.
  • We provide both a primary server and a mirror image backup server to ensure uninterrupted functioning.
  • This option is ideal for any call center that wants a robust software package while cutting down on IT staff requirements.

Option 3 – The Essential Hosted Package:

  • Allows call centers and health care organizations to access web based electronic triage protocols, and utilize them with their organizations existing electronic medical records.
  • This package provides access to hosted online protocols with yearly updates.
  • A unique option that is very cost effective and available exclusively through TriageLogic.

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