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TriageLogic Call Center Features

Triage Software (Call Center Solution™)

  • Intuitive and efficient software for your call center to handle all your triage needs.
  • The software incorporates gold standard protocols from Barton Schmitt, MD and David Thompson, MD.
  • Nurses access protocols, documentation templates, custom orders, integrated scheduling, paging and faxing within one page.
  • Custom templates and reports are also available.

Medical Messaging

  • Our medical messaging module is integrated with our triage software to create a complete call center package.
  • Enables your call center to process all triage and non-triage calls.
  • Operators have the ability to page physicians, fax messages, send delayed pages for non urgent calls and hold calls for doctors.
  • All events and actions are logged for easy access and review.

TriageLogic Integration Module™

Automated Answering Service

  • Our integrated automated answering service helps decrease costs by automating portions of the answering service and decreasing the need for live operators.
  • Fully integrated with the triage software.
  • Enables nurses to track when physicians return pages from nurses or voicemails from other callers.

Integrated Call Recording and Internet Phone Capabilities

  • Our integrated phone capability lets nurses make calls over the internet.
  • Calls are recorded and stored in the system for easy retrieval and review.
  • Allows for remote conferencing, training and remote supervision.

On-call Scheduling / HIPAA-Compliant Texting Module™

Triage Nurse Access™

  • Smart Phone app for patient call-back.
  • Web app for patient call-back.

Pandemic Flu and Emergency Planning

  • Our call center and triage software can be used in pandemic and other emergency situations.

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